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User Info: Zorafin

10 months ago#1
So here's my party so far and my complaints about them.

Felix: God tier, 10/10

Pier: He's slow and he doesn't hit hard. He gets the job done, but I don't think he needs so much defense and HP.

Jenna: Pretty great, actually, but doesn't match up to Felix.

Sheba: She's only good at taking out big groups of enemies, but I'm never in that situation. She's pretty bad at what I want a caster to do; taking out bosses. I would like to sacrifice speed for single target killing power.

So far I just give djinn to the character corresponding to the element, so everyone is their base class. Are there any class suggestions that can be given for me to fix my complaints with each character?

Also, I'm just about to get my second group back. I'm hoping to do Felix / Garet / Mia / Ivan, but I don't know what my complaints would be for those yet. That may mean I may ask again.
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User Info: genestealer

9 months ago#2
If you want Sheba or Piers to do good single target damage, you're pretty much limited to the Trainer's Whip classes. They have decent attack modifiers and attacking skills. Also gets healing, but is slow. Note that the skills use physical attack, thus you need a good weapon. The rusted staff in Shrine of the Sea God has pretty good attack (Sheba), as do the longswords you find at Tundaria Tower and Gaia Rock (Piers). Mysterious Card classes work too, weaker and not as useful, but higher speed.

Giving Piers 4+ earth or fire djinn will make him faster and able to use Wish, but won't improve his attack power. He only gets mage classes aside from his base class and item classes.

Ninja for Felix/Jenna is useful against randoms thanks to Shuriken, 0.8x attack damage on 3 targets. Also has very high attack, speed and PP, but is more restricted in terms of djinn usage.

White Mage (Sheba/Piers) is another great class if your setups allows it, with Wish, Revive, Plasma and okay-ish attack.

User Info: Zorafin

9 months ago#3
I tried Ninja on Jenna. It was the perfect attacking class for her. The damage was great with shuriken and her single target moves.

But I traded out Jenna, Piers, and Sheba for Garet, Mia, and Ivan. I just like them better.
Now my team is Felix, Garet, Mia, and Ivan.

I researched the classes on the Golden Sun wiki, and my findings were rather inconclusive. I looked in there and saw some options, but I wasn't always completely happy.

For Felix, I want something dependable. Something that will keep the other members around while they do their thing. I loved his basic class, but the wiki is saying that it's outclassed by some of his other choices. Plus earth djinn are in high demand.
It looks like both Swordsman and Dragoon are both similar to his default class, though neither have any hard hitting small group spells.

For Garet, I want something aggressive. Both Brute and Samurai seem to fit exactly what I want. Both seem to have a great offensive spell lineup, with Brute being closer thematically to what I want, and Samurai seeming to have better performance via higher speed and better spells.

For Mia, I want a dependable healer/supporter that can blow excess MP on offensive spells. I thought her default class was fine for that, but the wiki is saying that it's outclassed.
The spell list for water seer seems perfect for me, having all the healing spells I could ask for and really powerful small group spells. While she doesn't have large group spells, I find that I don't need those that often, and that they're not worth it for the MP cost.
The White Mage class is hard to pass up though, simply because of its name. Its stats also seem great. But, the offensive spells seem really expensive, and the lack of single target spells makes it look like I'll have MP problems, and be terrible at spot-healing. I feel like I'm better off with her default class.
The Seer class has higher stats than the default class, along with all the heals I could want. But again, the MP costs for offensive spells seems pretty high. Still, seems like a good choice for a healer.

I assume Sheba is pretty much identical to Ivan, so I can use your advice for him. But, Tamer doesn't look like a good setup for either, due to the low PP.
What I want is a class where I can do consistent casting so I don't have to use melee attacks, but can also unload on a boss. I took a look at the Medium class, but its damage output seems so low.
The Dark Mage series looks good. Its single target spells are based on attack, but it has such a high modifier that it seems worth it. And the stat lineup seems like a perfect fit for Ivan, though maybe that high agility may be overkill.
None of the other classes look like what I want. They all seem to have MP inefficient attacking spells, that either do little damage, or cost a lot of MP. I even don't like the default class, since it has a lot of redundant spells. I think of its three lines of spells, two of them do the same thing. Same element, similar power. Super redundant.

So in short, I've narrowed it to:
Felix: Default - Swordsman - Dragoon (dragoon seems like a straight upgrade)
Garet: Brute - Samurai (leaning toward Brute)
Mia: Default - Seer - White Mage - (thematic preference for Default, but stat preference for Seer)
Ivan: Dark Mage?

Any thoughts on these?

I should also note that, thematically, I like classes that have a strong theme. So I like the default classes because they have a strong elemental theme. And the tri-elemental classes kinda bore me because they don't really have much of a theme to them. Some of the dual elemental classes have a pretty solid theme to them though, like Brute.
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User Info: genestealer

9 months ago#4
The default earth class isn't bad, but Isaac/Felix can get good classes with higher attack power, using less or no earth djinn. Dragoon sounds like what you're looking for. The class line has slightly better stats than Swordsman but doesn't get Revive.

The Brute line is ideal for a pure attacker. Solid class, not much to discuss.

I'd actually suggest her wind or fire based dual class; wind for Impact or fire to use attack boosting djinn without degrading her class too much, mainly in order to have attack buffs on your main supporter. If you'd rather use a pure healer class, I'd consider the Apprentice line for Felix or Samurai for Garet, and use those to buff attack instead. Regarding her base class, it easily gets the most powerful/efficient healing, but is slow and lacks Revive. Offensively, it's pretty bad. It's certainly worth considering, but doesn't seem ideal for this party, especially if you already have Felix as a slow healer.

Dark Mage works as you described. The thing about this class is that it has high multipliers on its skills but one of the worst attack modifiers of all classes, so you'll want to squeeze out as many attack points as possible through equipment and djinni boosts. This class is the main reason I insist on having attack buffs, but they're definitely going to help the rest of the team as well. Call Dullahan is one of the strongest physical attacks in the game, but you won't get it without excessive grinding. Until then, Call Demon is decent I suppose. As for Tamer, low PP isn't really an issue since its attack skills have a pretty low cost. Another thing to note, it's also possible to put Ivan and Sheba in the Ninja class, but not its upgrades, and it requires 9 djinn (then again, so does Necromage).

All classes have a theme, not really sure what you mean there.

User Info: Zorafin

9 months ago#5
Felix: I didn't consider a lack of Revive. Dragoon looks otherwise better than swordsman. I guess I could just give him my revive items, or have another party member have revive. But then it's kinda pointless when Felix is the one with all the defense. Hm, I'll have to play around with that.

Mia: You make a good point about not having an attack buff. Getting that would be a huge boon. I'll have to think about how I want to do it, none of the options look very attractive to me. I think if anything, the best looking thing to do is to just use a djinn for it.

Ivan: I think ideally I would have Ivan as a ninja, but it didn't seem worthwhile to me. I think I'm pretty far away from 9 djinn needed to make it work. But otherwise, that's pretty much the exact role I would want him to fill.
Looking a bit deeper into beastmaster, it does look pretty good. Maybe I'll try it out on him and see what I think.
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User Info: FelurFalas

9 months ago#6
You should probably keep your characters' roles specialized rather than have them try to do too many things at once. You seem like you have the right idea though, with the choices that you have narrowed down.

Felix should probably be in the Dragoon series if you really want him to keep people alive. This way, he still has more ATK for being the main damage dealer while having backup options to heal with the Wish series when you need it. He will be a bit slow, but he will also have more Def and HP to survive. You will not have Revive, but you can easily make up for that with reviving Djinn and Water of Life.

However, I highly recommend that you do not bother trying to get Felix to heal or backup outside of tossing items because healing psynergies relies heavily on elemental power. Felix will not be healing much more than 400HP even with Pure Wish (400 being PW's base amount) due to subpar Mercury power as all of your equipment will probably be stacked offensively, unlike Mia who can easily top 800 with the same since you are most likely going to be gearing her as a healer anyway. Better off just jugging Mist Potions and Water of Life when you are in a pinch, so you can keep him in a better class to make use of his offensive power.

Mia is probably best in the White Mage series or Hermit series, with more favor on White Mage. Both gives her the Wish series, but Pure Mage gives her the much needed Revive (so your non-healers are free to use items) as well as Ward for elemental resistance (the Plasma series is also arguably better than the Prism series). On the other hand, Wizard gives her some much needed Agility and High Impact to raise ATK, but at the cost of Revive. However, you can easily fix the AGL issue by endgame with speed boosting boots.

White Mage and Hermit both gives her more Luck and PP than Seer as well, and with more Luck means you are less likely to get hit with status effects.

If you make Garet a Ronin, though, then he can take care of the supporting since the Samurai line has access to Impact, Ward, and Guard series, which lets your healer focus on healing while your main attack focus on attacking. He can also be a backup attacker when he is not buffing.

Ivan should probably go Pilgrim, Seer, or Tamer. Ivan is better as an attacker with a backup. Tamer gives the highest attack bonus with Impact and the Cure series. Seer can also heal but has slightly weaker ATK and no Impact in exchange for getting Revive. Pilgrim has better bonuses than Seer, but only has the Ward series going for it.

If you want to spread the buffing responsibilities....

Felix - Dragoon (Attacker + Backup Healer)
Mia - Hermit (Healer + Atk Buff)
Garet - Samurai (Attacker + ATK/DEF/Resist Buff
Ivan - Pilgrim/Seer (Backup Attacker + Resist Buff)

Of course, by endgame, none of this will matter as all you will care about are 3 things: maximizing weapon unleashes, good healers, and how to manipulate your party's AGL so you can djinni kill for them rare drops and stun Dullahan on the turns he uses Djinn Storm and Charon.
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