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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#1
(This is version 2 of my previous topic.)

Speculation for a new installment into the Golden Sun series still remains strong, even after almost four or some years of almost little to no news from Camelot. Each bit of new news concerning the series usually causes quite an uproar, and recently there have been whispers of continuing the series, with Camelot's recent statements, and many fan attempts to stir interest into the series once again.

Camelot has now released their new golf title, We Love Golf ! in Japan, with their official site stating Decemeber 13th, 2007 as the Japanese release date. And with that, it means Camelot now has an opening to work on new games, or finish games already in pre-production. Camelot, and many websites, has stated that they have an unnamed Wii RPG in the works..whether it is a new Golden Sun is yet to be known. Camelot recently stated that they "have to make a New Golden Sun, and want to", and even stated that Nintendo confronted them about the continuation of the series. They are also hiring many new employees, and they are doing so until sometime in 2008. More employees = less hassle when it comes it making games, plus games usually get done quicker when more people work on them. All of this is good news.

Anyway, I feel that more "Golden Sun Fever" in on the way...in the past year alone, many news story, fansites, etc have been speculating a new Golden Sun release. What is beyond the horizon is unknown, but from the looks of things, the fate of the series is good.

So, to keep some users up to date on the latest Golden Sun news, and news that has already passed, and also to lower the number of "GS3?!?!? OMG" topics, I've decided to create this topic. It will tell of what fan titles are fake (there are many), what Camelot has said about the fate of the series, official news, and rumors, etc. New news will (hopefully) be added as it comes, and so on and so forth. Participation is key - if you see any tiny bit of news, post it!

Please note that much of the material herein was not written by me. I borrowed quite a bit from sites such as wikipedia, and the Golden Sun Universe. Also, some links I post might be broken or old - if anyone has any problems viewing a page, please tell me.

Also, PLEASE don't post here until I am done with all of my own posting! Now, on with the topic!
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#2
--::(Section One - Various News Announcements Over The Years)::--

Here is where all the news concerning the continuation of the series, from as far back to 2003 to as recent as only a few weeks ago is placed, and covers interviews, news reports, rumors, etc. There aren't many - only about seven or so different reports as of now. But hey, I'm always slowly trying to improve this guide of sorts. I'm sure that there are many more pages with news like this. Once again - if you want to, contribute! It would be greatly appreciated. Please note that If an article or interview is too long to post, I will only be giving a summary and a link to the original page. Sorry for the inconvenience...

The fate of a new game is "Up in the air"

Age of the News - Posted on Jun 2, 2003

Next Golden Sun in the works?
The fate of a possible third game in the Golden Sun series is still up in the air.

By Giancarlo Varanini, GameSpot

Posted Jun 2, 2003 4:42 pm PT
In an update to Camelot’s official site, a representative from the company said that the current status of a third game in the Golden Sun RPG series for the Game Boy Advance is still up in the air. The update went on to say that the relatively small development team at Camelot is busy working on Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, and if there is any official news on the next Golden Sun, it will be posted on Nintendo's official site.

TRUE OR FALSE? Both. A new game is always possible, and they have stated many times that they would like to continue the series. But the speculation that it will appear on the GBA is pretty much false, as the system is pretty dead as of late 2007. You can take this news as you want, as it is double sided.

Golden Sun for Gamecube?
(WARNING - Article writer believes them-self to be a cat. Proceed with caution.)

Age of the News - Posted June 30, 2004. Some interview material dates back to 2003.

Summary - An article written speculating Golden Sun for the Gamecube, using interview material from the Takahshi brothers to help support this claim. Goes into detail about the development of the first two Golden Suns, whether or not they believe gamers would play a new Golden Sun, where the idea for Pysnergy came from, etc. Though the Gamecube GS rumor never materialized, as Nintendo is now focusing on the Wii, it is still a very good read and also contains a few statements from the creators stating they want to create a new Golden Sun, despite the system it would be for. Also has a section on (the already released) Mario Tennis for the GC.

Notable statements -

"And for us, as far as the whole Golden Sun setting, the world, the storyline for us, in our minds, Golden Sun 1 and 2 are prologues to the real event yet to come… So those games are created—again, from our viewpoint—as a way of introducing this world to the game players."

"...for a Nintendo console, whether it’s GameCube or something else, but we definitely want to continue with that lead and create a world that people and gamers who love that sort of game—will be able to experience."

TRUE OR FALSE? False, because Nintendo is concentrating on the Wii now. But you can take the above statements as more proof that they want to continue the series. ^^b
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#3
"...We have to make another one. We have to do it!"

Age of the news - Interview conducted on 10/11/07.

The most promising news as of yet. Though 2/3 of the interview focus's on their We Love Golf title, and their many other sports titles, the interviewer managed to squeeze in a question or two about Golden Sun. They speak of how they believe the series should get the time it deserves, of what systems it could possibly appear on, etc. Read it! It is a huge uplift to us Golden Sun fans. Summary -

GI: I hate to totally break away from all the sports’ games, but there’s another game Camelot is known for, and that’s Golden Sun. What’s the status of Golden Sun, and is that series finished or is that something you’d like to bring to consoles?

Hiroyuki Takahashi: First of all, I love that game and I love the world of Golden Sun. We think we have to make another one. We have to do it! Not just that we have to do it, but we want to do it. Nintendo has asked us to please make it. But at the same time we haven’t gotten around to making it. We’re not really sure why. (laughs)

Shugo Takahashi: As Camelot, we think of ourselves as being a company that makes RPGs. In an RPG you role-play as another character. In the sports games, you’re role playing as yourself. I want to let the fans know that in the center of our way of thinking the games that we’re making now are close to RPGs. The looks and the concepts might be totally different but the essence of the game contains the RPG. One of the reasons that we haven’t made golden sun is because there are so many fans of the game and we don’t want to do something half-assed. We want to give it the time it deserves.

Hiroyuki Takahashi: There are also many requests to make Shining Force III. At one stage we got a petition with many signatures to make a new Shining Force game. This was sent to Sega, Nintendo and Camelot. There are a lot of people that want us to make that game as well. We don’t know what form it would take, but we want to answer the requests of the fans.

GI: If you did make another Golden Sun would it appear on a portable or would you make it fully realized on a home console?

Hiroyuki Takahashi: As a thought off the top of my head, if I could make something that would combine the handheld and the console – with the past and the future – if I could combine both of those that would be great. But that’s just a thought. (laughs)

TRUE OR FALSE? Oh man, lets just hope it's true.

Camelot is bringing back the Golden Sun series

Age of the news - Posted on 11/23/07

On this page, it states three different rumors from an RPG magazine, The third one concerning Golden Sun.

Camelot is bringing back the Golden Sun series by making a Wii installment. Fighting would be mostly focused on the Nunchuk.

TRUE OR FALSE? Not really much to this, just another rumor. Though it can somewhat be backed up by all the other claims of a Wii Golden Sun, fighting focused on the nunchuck? Ugh. Anyway, this one is up in the air as of now.
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#4
Golden Sun 3 - "Like, 99.9 percent confirmed"

Age of the news - Posted on 12/10/07

(NOTE -This a podcast download page. If you do not want to download the file, read the summary below.)

Summary - Ah, the most recent news to hit us fans. Two guys talk about video games for an hour in the "Mid Wii-k In Review Podcast". Topics vary, as the report lasts almost an entire hour. Golden Sun is mentioned for thirty seconds (38:45 - 39:14), as they are answering fan mail and questions. The page contains a file you will have to download and play in a media player (such as Real Player or Windows Media player), or, if you don't want to download the file, a summary of what they say is below.

Mark - "This one I do agree with though, Golden Sun coming to Wii with Camelot in charge of the development, Uh, being more action-emphasized. I could definitely see that."

Matt - "I think that's like, 99.9 percent confirmed?"

Mark - "Yeah."

Matt - Um, they've said so many times they want to bring the RPG to Nintendo's console, y'know, they want to make another one...

Mark - "Yup"

Matt - ..."and they are big Wii supporters, as we've already seen on We Love Golf!. Uhm, and they've always been huge Nintendo supporters. I think it's going to happen. It's just a matter of time."

Boez - "Yeah, I'd be a huge fan of that, Uhm, dead sure. It's gotta come".

TRUE OR FALSE? Really, this news is too recent, and from what I've heard, and comes from a somewhat questionable source. It's too soon to knock it down to false, but nothing proves it's true either. We'll just have to wait and see how things develope.

The Mysterious "Camelot Wii RPG"

Age of the news - Since February of 2005.

Though this tiny rumor has spread like wild fire across the web, I only chose a few links to represent it. There are quite a few other sites that contain this information.

Anyway, to sum it up, it's quite simple...it has been stated that Camelot is planning an RPG title for the Wii. In February of 2005, Camelot printed a full two page ad in Famitsu magazine stating "Now seeking staff for development of an RPG targeting a next-generation system." Camelot has also put quite a lot of information on their official site stating that they are still hiring, and this hiring process should last sometime until 2008. Otherwise, not much else is known about this rumor.

TRUE OR FALSE? I can't really say as of now, as there is very little information concerning this, but in my humble opinion, I believe it is true. Wheter or not this new title will be Golden Sun or not, I can't say.
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#5
--::(Section Two - Bad news, rumors, oh noes more sports games?).::--


Though it is pretty easy to see that Camelot wants to make more Golden Sun games, - and a lot of links to prove it - there is of course always bad rumors to accompany the good. While trying to find more information of the mysterious Camelot Wii RPG, I happened to stumble upon three links that stopped me for a second...though these are rumors like anything else, it still is easy to lose a bit of hope when reading the likes of these...

Of course, they aren't bad rumors, bad rumors would be something like..."Camelot has disbanded, becuase founding members of the development team decided to form a Japanese Pop Group" or something..it's just that these are not very appealing to Golden Sun fans.

ANYWAY - The first link states old news, Camelot is making a new Golf game, blah blah, we've heard it before. But, the rather small article also mentions that Camelot has put in requests to get some game names copywritten...We Love Tennis and We Love Baseball. Of course, just becuase the names are copywritten doesn't mean they are immedietely going to make the games. But still..for me, and probably for any Golden Sun fan, the idea of Camelot making even more sports games almost makes me cringe. Please Camelot, no! At least not until they continue Golden Sun.

The second link - albeit in Japanese - was available on the page of the above link, and further supports that these names are copywritten. Of course, all that is readable to english speakers are a few weird words, but ends on some very clear names...We Love Tennis and We Love Baseball. I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea what the rest says, but if any of you can and are willing to translate, that would be greatly appreciated.

And the last link deals with how Capcom and Camelot are working together. But this statement appears..

Furthermore, both teams said that this is not the last title they will be working on together.

That is not bad news, but, I can't see Capcom readily helping Camelot on an RPG. Plus, when you consider the above rumors, your mind starts to wonder... is Camelot going to produce more We Love (insert sport here) games, with Capcom helping once again with development? And continue to leave Golden Sun on the backburner? Only time will tell...
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#6
--::(Section Three - Fake Golden Sun Titles)::--

As with many series, there have been a number of fan attempts at hoaxing a new game in the Golden Sun series over the years beyond TLA's release in 2003, made in apparent attempts to taunt the fandom and create controversy. Many have been made, and the following have been found to be fake - If there is new word on the series, please take note if you see these pictures on news sites, rumor sites, or message boards, please be aware that they are such.

Golden Sun: Alex's Road

Creator - A user named Takem
System it was meant for - Nintendo DS
Date Discovered - Unknown

One noticeable false rumor was a fake DS screenshot of a Golden Sun 3 title screen. It features the false title on the top screen (with the symbol being a moon curving around a sun), a sub-title (Arekkusu no Michi - "Alex's Road"), and a mysterious lighthouse in the background. In the bottom screen, there is a Send Letter icon between a DS card icon and a GBA cartridge icon, symbolizing the transfer of data from The Lost Age into the DS card. Interestingly enough, Alex is spelled wrong — his name is actually spelled (Arekusu) ingame, making it quite clear this is simply a fake. Another give away is that the TLA cartridge pictured has the USA released blue background, while the Japanese released cartridge has a gold background.

Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer

Creator- A user known as gobo_4227 / Opium
System it was meant for - Nintendo DS
Date discovered - July 11th, 2007

A more recent new rumor hoaxing Golden Sun 3 was found 7/11/2007 on Joystiq, concerning their E3 Coverage. According to the article by John Bardinelli, a user identified as "gobo_4227" stated that Nintendo held a small pre-E3 gathering to test a small handful of Wii and Nintendo DS games not scheduled to be shown at E3. Among these games were Golden Sun: The Solar Soothsayer; it was also said that all of these games were in very early development. It was stated that "The story seems to continue where previous Golden Sun games left off, putting you in control of Felix is a pseudo-3D world" and will implement similar controls as to Animal Crossing DS.

gobo_4227 managed to take shots of it from his cell phone, which can be seen on the right and left side. Some issues had been found with these screens which throw some doubt upon the authenticity. For one thing, the game is already in English. Both the first and second game were announced some time before translation to English, and released in Japan some time before the US, so it is strange that we would see an English version before Japanese. Also, the © symbol is missing. In the previous games, the © was always next to the 'Nintendo/CAMELOT (years)' line, and that is not the case with these screens, which is strange, since there is no reason to take away the © symbol. On another note, the bottom screen's picture is simply reused official art of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It seems unlikely Camelot would take a picture they drew years ago and not make new content instead.

After the site dsfanboy.com wrote a blog decrying the pictures as fake, the user, now known as Opium, has admitted to perpetrating this hoax and said as much in an interview with Vooks.Net, claiming he created the images and story in an attempt to stir up conversation among Golden Sun forums and hopefully cause Camelot to notice the continued popularity of their games, and be prompted to make a new game.
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#7
Golden Sun : Celestial Chronicles

Creator - A user named finalfantaseer22
System it was meant for - Nintendo Wii
Date Discovered - Unknown, but created on 11/24/06

Big "D'oh" on my part! The thing that gives this away is the signature of the creator...yes, if you zoom into the bottom of the pic, it actually gives the creators name and the date he made it. I wonder why I didn't see it before...oh well. Another easily noticeable mistake is reused official art. It is highly unlikely that Camelot would reuse old art, instead of creating new official art.

Golden Sun : The Staff Of Hesperia

Creator - Unknown
System it was meant for - Nintendo Wii
Date Discovered - Unknown

This title fall under the same fate as the above one. It recycles old art. Not much else is known about this title, so new information would be greatly appreciated.

Golden Sun : Lunar Eclipse and Petrified Forest

Creator - A user named PriestOfApollo (Thanks to PriestOfApollo for allowing me to use his pic.)
System it was meant for - The Nintendo Wii
Date Discovered - Unknown

One of the better fake screen shots, featuring a believable 3-D opening screen. Nothing really gives this one away..it is a very fine good screen shot, with little (if any) mistakes found in the previous ones. But, the creator PriestOfApollo himself stated that yes, it is a fake. This is one of the least well known of the fakes, but better in quality and overall production. A literal translation of the text is -

Golden Sun
Lunar Eclipse and Petrified Forest
Press 1 to continue

Golden Sun : Unnamed Gamecube Version (Well, it doesn't have a title....)

Creator - Unknown
System it was meant for - Nintendo GameCube
Date Discovered - Unknown, but picture was given to me on 12/9/07

(A big shout out to SHADOWasianMAN and Matais99, for giving information on this title, plus supplying the picture. Many thanks!)

This picture once again falls into the overused fate of reusing old official art. Very obvious fake. Once again, little to no information is known about this pic, but, and I'm sure you know the drill by now...if you have any information regarding the pic, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute.


And, that for now is all the fake ones I was able to get my hands on. As I stated before, if anyone has anymore information regarding the above pictures, or has completely new ones, it would be greatly appreciated if you would be able to contribute to this topic.
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User Info: imdebomb2

13 years ago#8
And, that's it for version 2! I hope everyone enjoys, because it will probably be quite a while until there is a version 3 of this topic. *vanishes in a puff of smoke*

ALSO - This is a very, very maybe sort of thing. But....I am considering making a full fledged website dedicated to Golden Sun 3, with all the material contained in this topic. Remember, I am only considering this. Because I doubt GameFAQs would sticky a topic concerning this kind of material, and because topics can't be bumped forever, the thought popped into my head. I believe this would be very helpful to the community - topics on Gamefaqs can be updated with new information, but unless someone wanted to scroll through twenty or so pages of updates and bumps, they most likely would only read the bulk of the info on at the beginning of the topic and leave afterward. The only way of alleviating this of course would be to create a new, updated topic...which of course could be troublesome if a lot of new news comes in at once, and the previous topic almost immedietely obsolete. A website could update almost immediately upon hearing new news, pictures could be posted instead of users having to copy and paste a million different links, interviews and news articles could be posted in full....the list of possibilities goes on. But of course, I am not the owner of any domain, and honestly, I have never hosted a website, and I'm completely in the dark when it comes to such things. Plus there is the topic of paying for such a thing - I believe you have to pay to use a specific domain name, pay for the running of the site, or all sorts of other expenses...I honestly don't know. The only way this could come into fruition is if some of you are willing to help start such a thing. No, I'm not asking for money - I mean, help with creating the site, help with running it, designing it, keeping an eye out for news, etc. So, if any of you know a way that this could be possible, please post your thoughts and ideas on this subject in this topic. If you are really serious and want to contact me, it would be recommended (and appreciated) if you use the email address of (tigerofthewind87@msn.com ) as that is my main and constantly used email address. If you cannot contact me there, the address of (redlandsman87@hotmail.com) is also a second option. Also, please do not try and contact me through any messengers - AIM, MSN, etc, as I hardly ever us them. Remember though - this is only a maybe sort of thing...nothing is official.
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User Info: Dark-Kakashi

13 years ago#9
Great topic!

Let's hope GS3 becomes something real and not just some rumors. I also like your idea about the website.

Yes, you are reading my sign...

User Info: PriestOfApollo

13 years ago#10
You rock!

*pats imdebomb2 on the back*

In fact, I actually learned something new from this thread. Hooray! (b^_^)b

...sticky pl0x
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