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User Info: JimB162

1 year ago#1

I already posted in the Datamining thread that I'm also going through the game files. And while doing that I also tried to change the data and make a modified, playable version of the game.

I'm working with the GC and PS2 version. I expected them to be almost equal, at least for the pure game data file, but there are a lot of differences in the game file structure. The data is the same but you find it at different places in both versions. The GC version is a lot easier to modify, but the PS2 emulator is more stable for me and also uses less cpu power. So I'm switching forth and back all the time.

In the following video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC6OXjHkeN4) you can see some of the changes that I can already make, like text changes (FAQ), changes to battles (replacing scripts, changing nr of allowed gladiators). What I didn't put into the video is the modifications of skills, which would allow us to make a patched version of the game, where we patch the bugged skills of sth like the mongrel shaman.

Another thing I figured out is how to modify the save file, at least the data of the gladiators. The game uses a seperate checksum here for every of the 3 save games and gives you a "save game damaged"-message if the data doesn't fit with the checksum.

At the moment I try to clean up the code of my tools (mostly in python). I also tried out to make patches to share the modifications with others. GC is easy to patch the whole .iso-file directly (because I can build an almost identical iso compared to the original), the PS2 .iso has to be extracted with 7-zip first and then you have to patch the "DATA.BEC"-file yourself and recreate a dvd image with sth like ImgBurn. If I recreate the image myself and make a patch for the iso itself I get patch-sizes over 1 GB, too big to share it easily.

I also looked for possibilities to play this game online and Parsec looks like the best way to play this game's local multiplayer. So if someone wants to try that out with me, I'm open for a test session. My nickname there is: JimB #975827.

I created a Discord server for Gladius (https://discord.gg/GJmvGKv), mainly to speak about possibilites to speedrun this game after I got this game on speedrun.com, but we obviously could chat about Gladius in general there. I posted some of the problems there that I ran into while modifying this game.

User Info: SeiK0

1 year ago#2
Just wanted to say, that I checked out the discord page and you're doing an amazing job. Keep going on.

User Info: JimB162

1 year ago#3
I did now 3 sessions of Gladius PvP over Parsec and in the last one I finally didn't have any bigger problems. That last one also was streamed and can be rewatched in my twitch vods: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414579313.

Leonarth and I both had save files with gladiators that you normally can't recruit, but with modification of the game files a lot is possible and we both did that.
I'm still working on a SaveEditor that makes it possible for people to get their own custom gladiators at equal levels without too much trouble. So we can have some nice battles in the future.

If anyone wants to join these battles or just talk about Gladius in general you can join the Discord server that I made and that is linked in the first porst.
Damn, this is really nice. Could we be able to recruit any gladiator ? I really want to recruit those who have shiny armors, because sadly we can't make our gladiators palettes as bright as the other schools.
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User Info: Tsuyu

1 year ago#5
Sorry for the eternal necro, but yes. We are able to recruit almost any gladiator using ISO editing, and I have seen screenshots with modified palettes. I don't know if we are still doing save editing. If you join that Discord, or already have, you should be able to ask for what you need there.
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