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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

8 months ago#11
Conquerer posted...
4. We're both posting in this topic cause we're big fans and have frequented the boards for all the games dating back to their releases.

That, and Conq's post (and the other topic) showed activity on this board, which I have favorited, so it indicated I should check things out.
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User Info: KarmelCHAOS

7 months ago#12
Silent Hill 3 is a better game than Silent Hill 1. I like SH1 better, but I still think SH3 is better all around. I'd love a full on remake, a remaster I wouldn't care much for after the last ones. SH1 would benefit more from a full on remake, though.
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User Info: HentaiMan

7 months ago#13
all 3 are worth a next gen remake IMO. *a faithful remake. less of a RE2make situation please.
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User Info: FriggingChicken

7 months ago#14
It is, as well as the second and first games
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User Info: Shadow597

4 months ago#15
SH3 was my favorite and I played all the games (and beat them) as they came out.

My first game was SH1 and that is my second favorite (if you ask me some days it’s a tie with 3 though). It was great and creepy and really set the bar. I loved the imagery (the most important aspects in my personal opinion since the game is largely about atmosphere and symbolism) I also love religious references and I like to think what they may imply about humanity as a whole (although I usually like to keep those opinions to myself). This game was also a “game-changer” for me. I went into it thinking it was a Resident Evil clone and came out possibly being a different person lol.

SH2 was awesome! And also my 3rd favorite SH game. It lacked some of the imagery that SH1 and SH3 had in my opinion but more than made up for it in other ways. The themes and overall reveal at the end of the game, from my perspective, weren’t too amazing. I guessed the ending while playing halfway through with a friend and that kind of ruined the shock for me but I still absolutely loved it.

SH3 was my favorite game in the series. There was something about it. The acting wasn’t the best and the story didn’t really get to me at times, but the imagery and overall feel of the game...Wow. It just felt “oppressive” and was the only one out of the three that was really hard for me to play alone (I played 2 alone regularly without much of a problem). Since these are horror games and this was the only one I found truly horrifying, I felt that they were improving still at this point. I should also mention that while playing SH3, all the talk of religion and “God” got me thinking that they meant, God, God, like the Christian God which got me thinking about what if the heavens were actually grotesque and what that would mean. I probably mistakenly thought this; Although, on the other hand, the game is supposed to be up to interpretation right? Either way, the wording, symbolism and imagery in SH3 got me into that mindset and that combined with some of the psychological themes, sounds and obviously the imagery disturbed me more than any of the other games and I looked back at it being a masterfully created experience that leads you to whatever dark place you want to go, even more-so than the other games, at least for me.

Those were just my opinions, in reality you can choose whichever game you want to be your favorite and I feel like it’s important to let everyone have their fun with picking their favorite Silent Hill game in the series without putting any of them down. You like SH2 and hated SH3? That’s great! I like 1, 2 and 3 all a lot and SH3 was my favorite! But let others like what they like even if it differs from your opinion because the reasons others might have for liking SH1 or SH3 more than SH2 are just as valid as yours.

Hope that didn’t come off the wrong way. Have a good time playing these games that have been keeping all of us disturbed for decades now! :D

As for a remake, YEA I’d love to see a remake of 1, 2 AND 3. Although if I had to pick, I’d probably pick a remake of Silent Hill 1. It would be awesome to see a new version of that with the capabilities we have today. I’d be more than happy.
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User Info: LemonPenguin

4 months ago#16
KingPiccolo posted...
SH3 in my oppion was the start of the downfall of the series.Sh1 was awsome,sh2 was perfect and then sh3 which wasnt better then either of the previous titles which is bad for a 3rd game because it felt very unsilent hill like,the game not taking place in silent hill and then when you get to silent hill you revist a part of the town that had nothing to do with alessa or silent hill 1 because either devs were to lazy to remodel sh1 or just said screw it.Sh3 also lacked content like multiple endings,interesting characters and a open world like it did in previous games shortening the replay value,also not allowing you to play as douglass in a sernario mode was wasted potential.I heard koonami lost the files to this game hence the new voice actors for the ps3 version,i mean if they were smart they would just rehire the all the actors who did the orginal sh3 game and let them redo thier roles if they ever do a remaster but with newer content like playing as douglas etc etc.
It's sad how elitist people still are with this series. The first 4 games all have excellent stories, but none of them are the epitome of storytelling, symbolism, or anything like that. The first one kind of was as far as video games go, but it has most definitely not aged perfectly since then.

The devs made an incredible game here with what they had. Of course they reused assets from 2. Konami, as game publishers tend to do, gave them very little time to churn out a new game. And it's not like every location in the first game had to do with Alyssa. Most of the locations in the series exist primarily because they're cool. This game was nothing new in that regard.

The first two games are most definitely not open world. Less linear maybe, but that's more of an illusion. The town sections of the games function exactly like the other locations, or "dungeons". There is a specific, consciously designed array of puzzles and enemies between the player and a single goal. You explore the location and find access to this goal. Some locations you even revisit. In that respect, the residential area is, on a base level, structurally almost the same as Alchemilla Hospital. You could argue that the town also functions as a hub or overworld, like Hyrule Field, but unlike other hubs you never revisit it by choice. You can't, for example, return to the hospital for some kind of sidequest.

When designing games, it's true that illusions are important in making a game feel bigger, and 3 probably would have benefited from it, but having a game be more obviously linear is not that big a deal, especially in questioning whether it's worth remastering. Your other points are completely subjective. I would say the game is a masterful work that does have interesting characters and plenty of replay value, and it certainly has multiple endings.
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