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User Info: metaIslug

6 months ago#11
This was a nice read. I beat this and I really wasn't a fan of the crawling/short monsters since the melee weapons don't seem to hit them at all. At least in my experience

I'd like to do a replay but I'm unsure what would be the most fun. Hard Mode, speed run, pacifist?

User Info: cheezeit

6 months ago#12
Playing this one after 2, I got the vibe they didn't want the player to clear out enemies. The stomp was heavily nerfed from that game and can't be completely relied upon to stroll your way through areas.

The flying ones (Pendulums) are the worst and will lose you a ton of health if you mess with them. The two giant ones (Closers/Cancers) will eat up ammo when you could just run around them. Speedrunning as a pacifist is probably the most efficient way to get through a large part of the game. Although you might have trouble in narrow hallways at places like the hospital if you don't clear enemies.

The crawlers (Slurpers) can be made much easier if you save all the Jerky for them. Just lay it down the instant you see them and back away. They'll be hypnotized by it most of the time and ignore Heather as long as they're not already aggro'd. Loud shots and running will aggro ones in the distance and that's when that start doing that annoying run attack that knocks Heather down. Beware of the hallway after the burning painting, there's like 5 in there and they will all come if you go in loud.

Jerky distracts dogs too, but they break attention really easily if you get close, so I don't bother. You can also leave and re-enter rooms to reset enemy positions/aggro. For some reason, it has to be done like 3 times before it sticks. I tend to do this on the subway cars when they corner me at the door.

As for melee, the knife is nearly useless, never use it. The pipe is ok, but you may want to stick to the handgun or just running depending on your ammo stock. If not going for a high rank, stick to the handgun on the first boss. Much safer. Only time I ever use the mace is with crawlers distracted by Jerky if I'm not doing great on handgun ammo. Katana is a complete replacement for the pipe, but guns or running is usually still safer. The crawlers need the overhead attack (hold X down firmly) with the Mace/Katana to be able to be accurately hit if using melee.

I always go through Survival Horror games on the default difficulty first to get a feel for it and just to know where I need to go and what works and what doesn't. I consider Hard to be the 'I've got a good understanding of this game and want a challenge' mode. Some like to go in blind at the highest difficulty, but I find it more fun to save it for a second playthrough.

I'd say if you got a decent idea of where to go and don't have to spend time backtracking, Hard mode can be fun though you may want to bump up the bullet adjust (available after beating the game) in the options (press R1 to get to the second menu on the options screen). There's a ton of healing throughout the game (I ended my 10 star with like 30 health drinks) so it's not too bad. Most items are located in rooms with no enemies. Also, if you complete it on Hard, it unlocks the life bar for if you ever come back to it.
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User Info: LemonPenguin

4 months ago#13
This is awesome, thank you for sharing! And how did you get the damage values? I've been wanting to find that stuff for awhile.
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