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  3. An all-time horror classic.

User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#1
This game is my favorite of the Silent Hill series, and one of the best survival horror games of all time.

The graphics (PC) are way ahead of its time and the artistic quality of the game can't be beat. The visuals are so oppressive, the design team should be accommodated. Sound design is excellent and the soundtrack is awesome as always by Yamaoka. The gameplay is classic Silent Hill exploration-combat-puzzle before the series went in different directions. The main character is also wonderful, a realistic woman in every way instead of some cliched bimbo.

I don't get why people don't have more love for this game when it comes to survival horror...
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User Info: FriggingChicken

4 years ago#2
I agree, this is my favorite SH of all, it had the best locations and concluded SH1's story.

User Info: OcelotSensei

4 years ago#3
The graphics indeed were so good that at those times you might've taken them for granted.
But you'll especially notice the brilliance once you compare it to blockbuster games like Fallout 4 which has one of the most ugliest facial graphics I've seen in a long-long time.
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User Info: j_person_425

4 years ago#4
Yeah, this game was brilliant then and it's still amazing now! I miss my PS2, I've been itching to play the series again.

This was one of my first PS2 games along with SH2. I just loved how they are analogous to each other. They are kind of two sides of the same coin, where 2 is focused on the grimy, subtle atmosphere and drama, while 3 is so bizarre and in your face with insanely oppressive settings and weird scenarios.

Even when they tread the same ground, like Brookhaven, they are so drastically different and just goes to show how masterful the developers were at the time with atmosphere and world development.

There are just so many cool little touches, like the fairy in the well in the sewers, the mystery creature that pushes you on the train tracks, and just how compelling every setting is, even when it's as mundane as an office building or a mall.

I really wish there were more games that are similar to these classics, at least in spirit as far as focusing on making it interesting to explore rather than just getting chased by monsters unarmed or just killing everything in sight. (Not that I dislike stuff Amnesia and Shattered Memories, but this style is so much more interesting.)

Maybe one day there will be a resurgence in this style, that gives a good balance between the puzzles/storytelling /exploration and combat. It's weird that all these elements have been so stripped down in modern horror titles instead of evolving further.

Now it's just one thing or the other instead of a rich combination of all these aspects that both compels you to explore and dread seeing what's behind the next door.

Not to sound like a hipster, I legit want to see this kind of stuff more, like more SH, Fatal Frame, Haunting Ground, classic RE, Siren, etc. :)
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User Info: FarmingLove

4 years ago#5
Great_Pudding_3 posted...
I don't get why people don't have more love for this game when it comes to survival horror...

It's considered a beloved classic and often mentioned in Best Horror Games of All Time. It also got great reviews when it came out from players and critics.
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User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
4 years ago#6
The only bad thing about SH3 is ditching the town exploration. I guess the upgraded graphical engine is a reason for that. The game lags as hell during the road to the hospital.
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User Info: KendoRe2

4 years ago#7
This should have been Silent Hill 2, to me. But anyway it's tied with the original for my favorite of the series. Hard to believe it's 13 years old now

User Info: brute_strength

4 years ago#8
Personally this one is right behind 2, but I seriously love this one too. The atmosphere and story are amazing...not to mention some truly scary parts.
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