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User Info: domine_dragon

4 years ago#1
how long does this game take

User Info: Dmess85

4 years ago#2
Like 20-30 hours. Depending how you get stuck.
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4 years ago#3
It does not. This game is not that complex in it's puzzles. However some will mean death if you don't solve them. I would say blindly 8-10 hours for on playthrough. After you get the gist of things maybe 3-4 hours. This game has only 3 endings unlike the first two and one ending only requires half tbe game. So 2 1/2 playtroughs for all the endings. Unlocking everything now is a career.
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User Info: Great_Pudding_3

4 years ago#4
Unless you're playing hard puzzles, it should take about 5-8 hours give or take.
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User Info: OcelotSensei

4 years ago#5
Man I would love to replay this game too (after SH2) but I've got a short cord on my old Gamestop's Dualshock 2 controller. Konami should release 2-4 on PS4 with better resolution and with the original audio (****ing Tomm Hullett and Mary-Elizabeth McGlynn ****ing one job they shouldn't have!)
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  3. starting this game again
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