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User Info: lolaqa

8 years ago#1
Hey fellow lovers of this game. I recently got sometime off work and Feel like playing this game abit. i dont want to just play through it like I typically would tho. I want to try more of a community based thing. You guys choose what cars I buy. What races I do and what not. Is there anyone still around who would like to help or try something similar themself?

Thanks, Michael.

User Info: mybadlife

8 years ago#2
I recently got a new copy to play on my PS3. Will report when I dive into it.

For your new game, I am going to give you a choice of starting with either a Suzuki or Daihatsu. Please let us know what you do. :D
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User Info: 1337ozPWNSTEAK

8 years ago#3
I think you have enough money to buy the Suzuki Cappuccino. Start with that car.
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