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User Info: Mewseeker

9 years ago#1
Hi. ^^
For some time I was wondering how to get cards like Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
withouth having to resort to get 999999 starchips.
The good news is that there is a way.
The bad news? You'll need a pocketstation and most likely a Japanese version of the game.

By doing a bit of research, I found this japanese page :

In short, you can "put" cards you earned in the game to "fuse" them and get a new card.
After giving instructions on how to use the pocketstation to input the cards and receive a new one,
the page lists card recipes that can be used to get new ones :

Ultimate Dragon Ritual : Blue Eyes White Dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon : Blue Eyes White Dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon + Blue Eyes White Dragon + Ultimate Dragon Ritual
Gate Guardian Ritual : Sanga of the Thunder + Kazejin + Suijin
Gate Guardian : Sanga of the Thunder + Kazejin + Suijin + Gate Guardian Ritual
Meteo Black Dragon : Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteo Dragon + Dissolverock + Swords of Revealing Light
Harpie Lady Sisders : Harpy Lady + Harpy Lady + Harpy Lady + Elegant Egotist
Summoned Skull : Time Magician + Embryonic Beast + Job changing demon border???
Red Eyes Black Dragon : Red Dragon? + Job Changing Mirror? + Blackland Fire Dragon
Shadow Spell : Spell Binding Circle + Spell Binding Circle + Spell Binding Circle

There are a bit more but I ran out of time. ^^;;;
I'll be back later.
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User Info: Overlordtico

9 years ago#2
I like this, is more of a reward system and you have to give up cards you already got to get new ones unless of course u got 3 mem cards and can create unlimited copies lol.

anyways, a lot more legit than people just using gameshark to get all cards then think they r good
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User Info: Mewseeker

9 years ago#3
What I like less is that, unless of course that I am mistaken,
that it is unavailable in the U.S. version.
Anyway, here is the rest of the list :

Swords of Revealing Light : Dark-Piercing Light + Dark-Piercing Light + Dark-Piercing Light
Dragon Capture Jar : Ancient Jar + Dragon Piper + Yamata no Dragon Scroll
Wall Shadow : Labyrinth Wall + Shadow Ghoul + Magical Labyrinth
Javelin Beetle : Javelin Beetle Pact + Hercules Beetle + Kuwagata A + Kwagar Hercules
Harpie's Feather Duster : Harpy Lady + Wing Egg Elf + Fairywitch
Bad Reaction to Simochi : Mooyan Curry * 4
Reverse Trap : Right Leg of the Forbidden One + Left Leg of the Forbidden One
+ Right Arm of the Forbidden One + Left Arm of the Forbidden One (Whhhhaatttt?!)

To get the Greath Moth I read something about using "remocon", another pocketstation mode
where you use it electromagnetic wave to get cards?
Apparently, it's also possible to cheat with a gameboy color infrared lights (and maybe a yugioh game boy game is needed too?).
93% of statistics are made up anyway.

User Info: Infamous_666

9 years ago#4
Hey Mew seeker. I'm happy to see someone else did the same thing I did about two years ago. I think it was rather unfortunate this information was revealed to the community so late.

I personally own a PocketStation and the JP version of the game and have been able to decipher how to get just about every unconfirmed card with the PocketStaton.

You are right. There is one particular mode that translates to "Communication Card Fusion" where you have two PocketStations communicate using an infrared signal. It works basically as you said. For instance, to make Dark Magic Ritual, you need to have Dark Magician, Winged Dragon #1, and Blast Juggler in your chest and put them into the Communication Card Fusion mode. Once you communicate with another PocketStation, those three cards turn into 1 Dark Magic Ritual card.

To make a Magician of Black Chaos base card, you take your Dark Magic Ritual card you just made and have another set of Dark Magician, Winged Dragon #1, and Blast Juggler and fuse all four cards together using the PocketStation Communication Card Fusion.

It works similarly with GG, BEUD, even fusion monsters like BSD. You just need to know what monsters you need to fuse.

TL;DR: Its sort of like fusing 3 or more cards together into a card for your chest.

The other mode is called the Card Lottery. You need to have cleared campaign on your PocketStation to unlock this mode. From it, you can obtain the following cards using the following passcodes:

Card Lottery Combination:

The right & right & left & right & left & left & right & left decisive button

The first announcements password

1 and 21839 79305 72137 No.701 Performance of Sword
2 and 74097 52018 09831 No.001 Blue-eyes White Dragon
69389 92154 40996 No.082 Red-eyes Black Dragon
3 etc. 72117 49519 91539 No.007 Winged Dragon #1
26170 21559 91647 No.056 Larvae Moth
45986 57342 99477 No.349 Spellbinding Circle
4 etc. 42928 36006 36581 No.690 Fake Trap
37967 62427 14391 No.670 Black Luster Ritual
35242 56145 76002 No.676 Commencement Dance
5 and 78855 06294 54276 No.147 Monster Egg

The two announcements password

1 and 57540 42606 33592 No.702 Hungry Burger
2 and 67527 16824 31401 No.035 Dark Magician
86359 71338 38182 No.069 Thousand Dragon
3 etc. 31709 00975 42485 No.017 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
76229 07640 92209 No.072 Cocoon of Evolution
91749 70177 67001 No.653 Warrior Elimination
4 etc. 75861 35965 07128 No.681 House of Adhesive Tape
69590 74744 58838 No.671 Zera Ritual
52060 51071 36510 No.677 Hamburger Recipe
5 and 65959 71195 39948 No.478 Insect Soldiers of the Sky

The password for three times its

98138 81676 82687 No.715 Psycho Puppet
88957 59048 85574 No.037 Gaia the Dragon Champion
26316 22375 22408 No.386 Harpie's Pet Dragon
36433 56403 52921 No.018 Left Leg of the Forbidden One
23896 76409 27501 No.028 Rock Ogre Grotto #1
13277 63268 19982 No.656 Eternal Rest
32679 22892 89978 No.682 Eatgaboon
29726 12545 52172 No.673 War-lion Ritual
57085 02312 83160 No.695 Puppet Ritual
86405 65898 69655 No.350 Dark Piercing Light

I have translated a lot of the communication card fusions if anyone is interested in those..

The Communication Card Fusion and Card Lottery are modes on the PocketStation, which is sort of like a GameBoy memory card -- looks kind of like those old Tamogachi's probably because it was released around that time.

On the JP version of the game, in the options menu, where you see that empty box on the English version, there is an option to install YFM software onto your PocketStation, which is how you get access to the modes mentioned above.

User Info: iamtheprodigy

9 years ago#5
Hello Infamous. I still play this game from time to time and I've read some of your posts here and at Neoseeker before. Just thought I'd say hi and good work figuring this game out. It seems that there are few if any secrets left about the game. It's just a shame that Americans got hosed with the whole PocketStation/unconfirmed cards ordeal. It's hard to believe that they would sell a game in which some cards are simply unobtainable without cheating systems. It's frustrating. The only reason I still play is to try and get some of the rare cards that I never got when I played it the first time years ago. I have a lot of great memories playing this game with my friends back in the day.
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User Info: Infamous_666

9 years ago#6

I hope that someday YFM PvP (Player vs. Player) becomes popular. Everyone who has played as long as we have would have all the cards by now and probably 3 of every good card. My interest in the game has been waning however as I've been dabbling in Starcraft 2.
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