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User Info: Brian0031

12 years ago#1
A classic hack and slash sort of game fun to play and replay over the summer months.

User Info: connorsquest

12 years ago#2
baldurs gate dark alliance.How do i get the orb of thunder and how do i beat the person in lyrans hold in the celler

User Info: muthsera666

12 years ago#3
Orb of Thunder? I don't know. The only orb is the one in the Crypt, I think. And I don't know anyone by the name of Lyran...
Another warrior who has been lost in the pursuit of the decent and the good...

User Info: Jmaneuv011

12 years ago#4
Lyran's is in BG2, and you need to run to the end of the level until you see his health bar at the bottom. Once you do you need to keep smashing jars-every time you do a new one will be exposed that you need to find and smash. After a few he dies
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