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User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#1
***Version 1***

I've begun to realize that there's a huge lack of information on Robopon 2 in the internet, GameFAQs or otherwise. I'm attempting to collaborate all the information in one easy topic, to sort things out once and for all, and perhaps spark some interest in this game again. Since there are plenty things about Robopon 2 still being researched, this is only the first sticky in what I'd imagine a longer, more updated lines.

Here is the contents. To find what you are looking for, press Ctrl+F, then type the code in the brackets.

1. What is Robopon? [rp1]
2. How do I play? [rp2]
3. How do the battles work? [rp3]
3.1. Finding battles
3.2. Battle routine
3.3. Battle options
3.4. Software
3.5. Roulette
3.6. Oil types
4. Robopon [rp4]
4.1. Robopon types
4.2. Enhancing Robopon
4.3. Sparking and Link Sparking
4.4. Password Robopon
4.5. Recommended Robopon
4.6. Starters and exclusives
5. Miscellaneous [rp5]
5.1. Hoffman Tower
5.2. Marvel Labs and Hi-Medal
5.3. Playland
5.4. My Tower
5.5. Small Ruins
5.6. Mushroom Shop and Spirits
5.7. * Soft
5.8. Conclusion

1. What is Robopon? [rp1]

Robopon is an RPG (role-playing game) game produced by Atlus, for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance systems. In it, you collect Robopon, and use them to battle, making this game often compared to Pokemon. You complete various objectives using your Robopon to battle other enemy Robopon.

2. How do I play? [rp2]

To create a Robopon, you must spark two batteries, of which there are many types. The Robopon you get depends on the combination of batteries you used. You can have up to 4 Robopon on your team at once. The rest of your Robopon stay in the Hoffman Storage company, where you can exchange team members as long as there's a Storage representative nearby. Your objective is to travel around, collecting Xstones. Which each Xstone you get, your rank goes up. Collect Robopon, train them, fight through dungeons and random battles, fight some other human collectors, then fight the Xstone. This is the game's pattern, with some plot thrown in, of course.

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#2
3. How do the battles work? [rp3]

3.1. Finding battles.

Walking around in dungeons, you'll find you have to fight random battles a LOT. Defeat the enemy for money, experience, and sometimes items. Outside of battles, you can fight humans by choosing the first answer when talking to the right people. Defeat them for more useful items, money, or even a battery. Fight every human you can.

3.2. Battle routine.

The order of a battle depends on the Robopon's speed. The Robopon with the highest speed stat will move first, and then the second, and so on, until the turn ends and the cycle repeats once more. If your team has a higher speed than the enemy's then you might catch them offguard, and get a free turn. The enemy can do the same thing to you when you're slower than them. When attacked you lose HP (hit points), until you hit 0 and you are scrapped (defeated). You can also use EP (energy points), to use Soft, or in other words, special attacks. This repeats until every Robopon on one team is scrapped.

3.3. Battle options.

In battle, you have 4 options at the beginning of every turn:

Autobattle: The game chooses actions automatically for you, so you don't have to do anything. You can change how a Robopon autobattles in the status screen, under "Auto". Warlike has them go all out, Economy I am not sure of, and Healing makes them use healing spells more often. Since most of the time the AI for your Robopon is normally idiotic, I would go against this, unless you're really sick of random battles.

Attack: Simply put, this lets you choose further commands for your Robopon, detailed later. You cannot go back after choosing this.

Analyze: View an enemy Robopon's stats. I do not think this takes up your turn.

Run: Try to run away. This depends on the average of your Robopon team's speed compared to the enemy's. If your speed is higher, you will escape. If not, you will not and your turn is wasted. Learn to judge whose team is faster before making this decision.

If you choose the Attack option, then you get 4 more options for your Robopon:

Attack: A basic attack. Choose your target, and you might hit or miss, and do normal damage, if the roulette isn't involved (details later).

Defend: Protect yourself, and take less damage from any enemy attacks that turned. Typically useless.

Soft: Use software. Software can be equipped after you buy it from a store or find it in a chest or something, while you're in a Robopon's status menu. A Robopon has 3 slots to equip Software with. Software, simply said, is magic.

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#3
3.4. Software.

There are many types of Soft, such as healing spells, attack spells, spells that let you make a stronger physical attack, spells that increase stats, and such. Each Soft has a number by it, for example, we will use FIRE 2. FIRE 2 gets you the "Fire" spell, a weak attack that deals magic damage. Equip another FIRE 2 on the same Robopon, and the total adds to FIRE 4, allowing you to use Napalm, a stronger fire spell. You will get Napalm if you do the same thing with a FIRE 1 and a FIRE 3, and so on. This works for other spells, and not just fire. Basically, the higher total number you have for that spell type, the more spells you'll have. You can also set up combos, such as equipping both HATE # and FIRE #. This would allow you to attack all enemy Robopon the Robopon using hates at once with Fire (which is determined by Oil type, discussed later). Robopon can also naturally learn Soft by leveling up.

3.5. Roulette

Also in battles is the Roulette. As you might guess, sometimes random effects might happen if you land on the right Roulette, all of them beneficial for you only. Most of the time, you'll get an attack bonus, such as 1.2x your attack when it hits the enemy. If you get luckier, you'll get a bonus reel, often having much better effects. Here are some reels I have noticed on the bonus:

Skull: Scraps all enemy Robopon.

Oil: Heals your Robopon.

Fame: Changes fame status. I have no idea what this does yet, besides change your battle screen color for a while.

3.6. Oil types.

Each Robopon has a distinct oil type. I have noticed O, A, B, and ? types. If your Robopon have identical oil types and are on the same team, special Soft abilities can be gained. Unfortunately, the exact details of how Oil types work is still under some speculation. Oil is also used in conjunction with the LOVE and HATE Soft, which, when comboed with another Soft, can hit all Robopon that the using Robopon likes or hates, depending on it's oil type. For example, if I had KISS and LOVE on my Robopon with an O type, and used Kiss, it would hit all O type Robopon on my team with Kiss at once, meaning the others are skipped. This works the same way with using HATE and FIRE to attack all enemy Robopon yours hates. Your Robopon will not get hit by a Hate spell, even when they have a bad Oil relationship.

3.7. What the stats do.

Each Robopon has different stats, and has their stats increase by levels at different perimeters. Some Robopon have flat-out better stats than others, meaning you should expect to change your team a lot in this game.

Level-Your Robopon's level. Get EXP and you level up, your stats increase, and you might get a new move.

HP-Your hit points, or health. When this hits 0, you are scrapped. Increase this by going to a repair center in town, or using Soft or items.

EP-Energy points. Used when you use moves. Once you're out of EP, you can't use any more moves until you go to a repair center, or use items.

Attack-Your physical attacks. Used to determine damage of a normal attack, and some Soft attacks, like BoomHit.

Defense-Lowers damage taken from physical attacks.

Speed-Determines who moves first in battle, and your chances of hitting or dodging.

ForMem: Determines the strength of your Soft attacks.

Will: Lowers the damage you take from Soft, I think.

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#4
4. Robopon [rp4]

4.1. Robopon types

There are 3 different types of Robopon. Here they are.

ARM: Can equip weapons and soft, has balanced statistics.
MOVE: Can equip weapons and soft, focuses more on Speed than Power. Good for getting first strikes in battles.
BOOT: Cannot equip weapons and soft, has high growths. Most of the time this does not make up for the fact they cannot equip anything, making many BOOT types rather weak.

In addition to types, there are also classifcations. For example, Sunny is an ARM type, and his class is PUNCH. This means Sunny can equip any weapon that falls under the PUNCH class. There are weapons for every class, except apparently MNSTR (which is attached to BOOT types, anyway). To see the effectiveness of a weapon you're going to buy on your Robopon, highlight the weapon in the shop, press R, and you can see which of your Robopon can equip it, and what stats it raises compared to their current equipment.

4.2. Enhancing Robopon

When a Robopon hits a certain level, you might be able to enhance it. To enhance it, go to a lab, and select "enhance" in the menu. When you enhance, your stats are decreased by 1/3, and your level cut in half. However, you change to a new, usually stronger Robopon that might use different weapons or have a new type. When should you enhance? Well, if the Robopon you are enhancing to has higher stat growths, enhance immediately, so you get as much levels as possible. If the Robopon you're enhancing to has lower stat growth, such as Dragon to Trigon, for best results, you're going to want to get Dragon to level 99 before enhancing, so you get the biggest benefit. Enhancing is comparable to evolution in Pokemon.

4.3. Sparking and Link Sparking

Like I said earlier, Robopon are gained by sparking batteries. Most of the time this consists of 2 batteries. However, with a link to a friend, you can do a Link Spark. You each choose 2 batteries, and combine all 4. Then, a rare Robopon will come out, and you will both obtain it. Many Robopon are Link Spark only. If it's not Link Spark only, then it will probably be a higher enhancement of a normal Robopon. Here are the combinations for Link Spark only Robopon, including the version exclusives, just in case:

Hyper + Hyper + Hyper + Star = Razor
Hyper + Hyper + Mangan + Cool = Boiler
Silver + Cool + Ultra + Cyber = Sunny
Silver + Tough + Tough + Wild = SunZero
Air + Air + Air + Cool = Kojiro
Gold + Noble + Cyber + Nicd = Soul
Hyper + Air + Ultra + Cyber = Rider1
Alkali + Alkali + Cyber + Normal = Nebulus
Silver + Gold + Gold + Ultra = Rocker
Star + Ultra + Alkali + Alkali = Hexbot
Cool + Cool + Wild + Wild = Draco
Mangan + NiCD + Star + Cool = Cannon
Super + Hyper + Mangan + Air = Samurai
Super + Air + Silver + Noble = Scooter

4.4. Password Robopon

After you clear the Riggs storyline, and become a Master, the Marvel Labs will open, by Neon City. Go behind the teapot house, and talk to the dog named Jasper. Tell him one of these known passwords to receive a powerful Robopon:

D - Icarun (Looks like a bug with cloud wings)
H - B-Cell (Looks like a red battery)
J - Gundarn (Looks like a white robot)
L - Under (Looks like a coffin)
P - Fencer (Looks like a knight)
R - Sherry (Looks like a pink Sunny)
S - Flicker (Looks like a lion)
9 - NegaPon (Looks like an evil Gigapon)
Rvnge - Dorapon (Looks like a pink pancake [no kidding])
La - X Dog (Looks like a dog with googly eyes)

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#5
4.5. Recommended Robopon

There are plenty of Robopon, and some are definitely better than others. Here are some powerful Robopon you're going to want to look out for:

Draco > Dragon > Trigon
Reason: Draco and Dragon are BOOT types, which have high growths. Normally this would make them useless, however, Trigon is not a BOOT type, though he has lower growths, so for best results, raise Dragon to L99 before enhancement. Though Trigon will still be strong anyway.

Platnum > Prime
Reason: Platnum has very high growths, but levels slowly. Prime is even better.

X Dog > I-80 > Poochy
Reason: High stats, levels quickly.

NegaPon > NegaPon X > Gatspon
Reason: Levels slowly, high stats

Fencer > D' art
Reason: Strong healer

Tokbot > Cellula > VolTone
Reason: Levels quickly, enhances quickly, great stats.

SSTBot > SST1337
Reason: Good stats.

Reason: Good base stats.

Train > B-Train > M-Train
Reason: Fastest Robopon in the game, also strong.

Reason: High energy, high ForMem and Will.

Reason: Maxes every stat except for HP and EN.

4.6. Starters and exclusives


Scooter (I assume)

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#6
5. Miscellaneous [rp5]

5.1. Hoffman Tower

Hoffman Tower is a tower by Baba Village where you can store Robopon. The more Robopon you store, the larger the tower gets. Somewhere around 230-250 Robopon completes the tower. It is highly reccomended you use any spare batteries you have to get the tower as high as possible, as many helpful things await.

Floor 1: Store Robopon, or Take Out Robopon. Go to the right to learn how to play the minigames.
Floor 2: Play minigames, Robopon Lab.
Floor 3: Rename Robopon, fight for 50G.
Floor 4: Buy items.
Floor 5: Play minigames, listen to music.
Floor 6: Buy parts, fight for 200G.
Floor 7: Buy soft.
Floor 8: Play minigames.
Floor 9: Buy BATTERIES (all besides Ultra and Alkali), fight for 500G.
Floor 10: Store Robopon, or Take Out Robopon, exchange/delete Robopon for a battery, fight for 1000G.

5.2. Marvel Labs and Hi-Medal

After you become a Master and get xStone1, Marvel Labs opens. This is a miniature dungeon filled with Robopon that give out decent EXP, and some treasures. In a certain room with two treasure chests right next to each other, keep walking around. You might run into a very strong team of Robopon. If you win this battle by only using Autobattle, you MIGHT get the Hi-Medal, an item that can allow you and your friend to play a minigame tournament. Also, behind Marvel Labs is Jasper. Give him a password for Robopon.

5.3. Playland

Unlocked after you become a Master. In here, you can put 500G into a battery vendor, and you might get the rare Ultra or Alkali batteries. Also, everyone is obsessed with Bingo. I have no idea how to play Bingo in here after talking to everyone.

5.4. My Tower

If I recall, unlocked after the windmill. Has some treasures, and a face on a door that is IMPOSSIBLE TO GO THROUGH. Go through the red door for Rock *. Decent for early levels.

5.5. Small Ruins

Opens when you can go to the castles. Inside are some treasures, weak Robopon, and a red mushroom. Basically pointless.

5.6. Mushroom Shop and Spirits

After you can access the Tunnel, you can go to a small forest underneath the snow mountains. This is the Mushroom Shop, where you can exhange colored mushrooms for spirits, who follow you around either helping or hurting you as you go. Some spirits are version exclusive, but I don't know which.

Blue Mushroom:
Carol: Lasts 500 steps and lowers your encounter rate.
Akibo: Lasts 500 steps and lowers prices at shops.
Dimitri: Lasts 30 battles and increases your encounter rate.
James: Lasts 10 battles and increases shop prices.

Yellow Mushroom:
Sonoko: Lasts 500 steps, might find random items.
Brian: Lasts 500 steps, randomly gives money.
Gail: Lasts 40 battles, randomly throws away your items.
Mr. Y: Lasts 40 battles, randomly throws away your money.

Red Mushroom:
Mari: Lasts 900 steps, opens red doors.
Takako: Lasts 500 steps, unfossilizes Robopon.
Yu: Lasts 100 steps, randomly gives out EXP points.
Manabu: Lasts ??? steps/battles, randomly throws away your money and items.
Susan: Lasts 500 steps, randomly heals Robopon.
Tohyu: Lasts 30 battles, randomly changes names.
Bill: Lasts 33 battles, plays very bad music during fights.

User Info: dogboy

10 years ago#7
5.7. * Soft

There are some very rare Soft hidden in Robopon. These have stars (*) by their names instead of numbers.

Rock *: Keep resetting until you get the spirit that opens red doors from the red mushroom. Go inside My Tower, and open the red door right in front of you.

Ice*: Go into Delica Castle during the Past, and go to the very last floor in the basement. Fight a very strong Robopon team and defeat them to get this Soft.

Wind*: After you become a Master, go visit Mr. Rocket. He'll try several times to build a rocket using your money, and will fail. Keep trying and eventually he'll make it. Then you'll get the Soft.

Fire*: I've heard of many locations to find this, but I cannot see the people who are supposed to give it to you. In other words, I have not gotten it, but here are the locations, courtesy of ibac38112.

1. Hindo Town (Talk to fortune teller)
2. Nenji Valley (Talk to a Kappa)
3. Lover's Cliff (Talk to Grandpa)
4. Town of Walda, inside Grand Mansion (Talk to the hacker who tells you about the Waffle Source Disk)
5. Capri-Colony (Talk to one of the Capris)
6. Top Floor of Pond Garden (Talk to the guy who keeps trying to get Dom to come out)
7. Hoffman Tower (Lisa will be waiting inside with Fire* software)

5.8. Conclusion

I think that's it for now. Thanks to the members of the GameFAQs boards and other internet sources for playing Robopon 2 and finding more info. If you have any corrections to make, say them now.

User Info: RWings19

10 years ago#8
Fantastic, very good job.
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User Info: RWings19

10 years ago#9
Actually, I'll add fossil locations.

All credit goes to Killer, this is from his FAQ

Q: Where are all the fossils found?
A: 1: Draco - Delica basement -present
2: Platnum - Mountain at the circus -past
3: Rider1 - Lover's cliff-present
4: Gear - Baba village-present
5: Gear - Apartments in town of walda -past
6: Gear - Silver temple-past

Again, this is from Killer's FAQ, none of this info is mine.
[] Detroit Red Wings [] 14-3-4
[] San Francisco 49ers [] 3-8

User Info: TheBlueAvenger

10 years ago#10
Fame: Changes fame status. I have no idea what this does yet, besides change your battle screen color for a while.

Boosts the amount of EXP you get. P:
If it's TBA for NA, that doesn't mean it's to be announced... it just means I'm getting it.
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