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User Info: Tails82

5 years ago#1
The last big thing to do is fill that grid out. Some questions though. When I match up against an ace difficulty character it goes down on the grid as pro. Is that the highest difficulty it tracks? Also stars are a certain color, which I'm assuming is based on performance. I can match up against non-star ace opponents well enough, but going against star opponents seems impossible. For funsies I tried Mario against star Petey and it doesn't go well. He gets to the green pretty easily with his range and on many holes you have to get long-shot eagles just to tie with him. I'll see how high the difficulty can be while still remaining humanly possible.
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User Info: Ninetails82

5 years ago#2
I think either trying to see how many I can do on pro, or going average difficulty on the star characters.
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