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User Info: cymanx

6 months ago#1
Not only are my items equipped eaten by the stupid glitches in the first game, but this also happens in the Sith Lords as well. How in the world did they patch things and not fix this stupid problem? It makes the games literally unplayable for me. Because I don't want to waste all the time just to realize it ate my equipment
GT : lavosmanx

User Info: Firensis

6 months ago#2
Just wait until you get the glitch where the party gets deleted. You game gets weird with it like Danny Devito.

In all seriousness multiple saves and quick saves are your friend.
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User Info: Foreman22

6 months ago#3
Never EVER experienced either of the above two glitches.
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User Info: cymanx

6 months ago#4
I had to actually restart my last play through for the Sith Lords because the game ate one of the HK 47 parts. I had to start another time because it actually ate my lightsaber crystal.
GT : lavosmanx

User Info: maximumjack

6 months ago#5
That sounds like an autosave glitch of some sort. Try not to use or autosaves they are very buggy
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User Info: loseless

6 months ago#6
Never had such thing happen to me. And I've been playing this for 12 or 13 years. Mods, perhaps? Or maybe some bad luck?

User Info: Redmoon383

5 months ago#7
Foreman22 posted...
Never EVER experienced either of the above two glitches.
Agreed. Even back on my original xbox I've never had these issues nor had I ever heard of them when I was looking stuff up in the 360 days for glitches and such.
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