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User Info: 256Mb_MP3

13 years ago#1
And why was it recycled for Mass Effect, Bioware?

Get more frustrating puzzles, plz

User Info: zifnab2134

13 years ago#2
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User Info: MagisterMagica

13 years ago#3

User Info: 256Mb_MP3

13 years ago#4

Spoilers, I guess

Naga Sadow's Tomb. The giant electric puzzle for the mediocre sword.

User Info: arbiter238

13 years ago#5
You don't die if you fail the tower of hanoi puzzle in Mass Effect and the one in mass effect has 3 blocks while KOTOR has 4.
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User Info: Will_1231

13 years ago#6
Still, why the hell would they completely recycle a puzzle from an older game, let alone an easier one?

User Info: Captain_Sorzo

13 years ago#7
inb4 lol Bioware=unoriginal comment
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