"MSXML 4.0 is not properly installed"

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User Info: 007rox

9 years ago#1
I just installed Rise of nations (the original) and and I get that message if I try and play it, I've looked up the problem and from what this forum says


I'm missing a registry file or something like that. I have a copy of msxml4.dll (but its just on my desktop) I'm nervous about putting it anywhere because I don't want to screw up the registry or anything.

I noticed that in my programs folder there is an empty folder named 'MSXML4.0" and it doesn't have anything in it.

I'm also running windows XP 64-bit, I'm not sure if that's an issue.

um I think that's all the information I have, if you want anymore information then just let me know.

I really appreciate your help, thanks!

User Info: knuckleduster

9 years ago#2
you generally can put the .dll into your system32 folder. if it asks you to overwrite something then cancel it. at the same time, you might need to drop it into the shared folder if you have more than one hard drive. hope this helps.
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  3. "MSXML 4.0 is not properly installed"

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