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User Info: Boostaloo

2 months ago#1
I have a static that I love. Despite our unusual set-up, we have never made less than 4/k hour including in extremely crowded zones. The set-up we have is:

Elvaan F: SAM/WAR
Elvaan M: SMN/WHM
Tarutaru F: PLD/WAR
Mithra: RDM/WHM

We have a Distortion Skillchain of Tachi: Empi > SATA Viper Bite That is usually done once a battle, about halfway through the fight, and closes the fight as the Magic Bursts are administered. Our real strength lies in our communication, and our SMN who, loves to heal, and has all of his avatars. Moreover, he know how and when to use his avatars and their abilities.

Our group is made up of elitist, but we all have fun. When someone needs the money for an item, we do a BCNM, or separate for a while and craft so that we can always be on top of equipment. As a matter of fact, the THF/NIN (who uses meat) is arguably one of the best damage dealers I have ever seen in this game. I have never seen a SATAVB for less than 480 and he parsers out at about 21.6 per swing. Plain and simple he is good.

Now that you have the background of the situation, here is the problem. Our THF, who is one of my closest friends now, has recently converted to Islam. No one in our group has a problem with it, nor should they. However, one of his times to face Mecca and pray is during our static hours. We have very specific hours because of school, work and family restraints that can not be moved to an earlier time, or a later time. His prayers usually only takes 15 – 30 minutes, but then again we usually only play for 2-3 hours; that is a pretty stout percent of our play time. The group is getting frustrated, but we aren’t sure how to approach it. As our friend we are very supportive of his decision and want nothing more than for him to be happy, but we are suffering due to his obligations.

How should we approach this? Should we boot him, or just deal with it? At this point in time he is still eating meat, but if his beliefs permeate into this game, will he stay away from “beef-like” meats? Anyways, It know none of you really care about the welfare or advancement of my static, but I was wondering if any of you have experienced this, or perhaps had a logical and compromising solution.

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User Info: Gojira123

1 month ago#2
In the end, if your static feels this will not work, then you will just have to talk to him to inform him about the decision. I lived for many years up in a Muslim majority country, and prayer time is prayer time, and yes, it will cut into productive working hours. But that’s how it is. It’s set in stone. Of course, it depends on the individual if they will follow it or not. I have many friends who are not devout, and they sometimes skip prayers, but we cannot force anyone to do that. There are some real world activities that my friends cannot join if they are in the middle of prayers, and that’s fine. For example, if the only movie or concert showing is at 6 PM, then he will say, okay it’s fine for me to miss the concert for 30 minutes or he will say, it’s fine, I will go next time with someone else. They know that’s how it is. In the end, you just talk to him, and he will make his decision. That’s it.
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