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User Info: IqarP15

7 months ago#1
What has changed in the past 16 years? Last I played was like 2004 when Treasures of Whatever came out. I might have played for a few months after it came out but then got bored. Reading some things about open world but each zone is like twice the size of a FFXIV starting zones. Is crafting still crappy or has that been fixed so people have a idea of what their crafting levels are?
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User Info: vegetaken

7 months ago#2

I cannot speak before NA launch but since NA launch you could see what your crafting level was on the whole number. If you're expecting FF14's crafting system then no. You 100% do not need to now nor ever had to level a craft in this game. I did goldsmithing for the glasses and to be able to sign a few things. It did come in handy at times to make some gil, cooking on the fly was alright for making juice to save inventory and maybe breaking down raw materials like ram leathers but I can't think of many reasons to try to force yourself to craft.
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User Info: bungiefan

5 months ago#3

Awhole lot of things. Brief notes are there, with links to official resources with full details.
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