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  3. Hotpiercedguy died? :(

User Info: Esquire

10 months ago#11
So, is this Fakenews?
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User Info: bremen

8 months ago#12
It's possible. Timeline seems to match up. Says he passed away mid-2015 and the last time he was online on gamefaqs was late-2014.

Not sure about steamVR - maybe that's someone else or it's inaccurate.

Or maybe it's all a hoax. Shame if he did pass away, was a cool guy.
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User Info: bremen

8 months ago#13
Wow just ran across this old post... was awesome to see all of the old gang from back in the day posting in that thread.

"I'm only leaving because I can't make you look any dumber right now..." - yomjoseki

User Info: Dr_Brian_Niemi

7 months ago#14
By nice seeing old faces, I’m sure you meant me

User Info: CoolJerkY2Kane

3 months ago#15
RIP see u in the real mmorpg I hope not wildly igh
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User Info: FoxtheSly

4 weeks ago#16
I didn't post very often here, but I've been visiting this game's forum since around 2003. I remember. It's a shame if he really did pass away...
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Apparently he died way back in 2015.

So he's been dead for nearly half a decade and none of us knew... :(
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jimmysheva posted...

it says his last online was 3 hours ago
Valve must have changed their website in the 9 months since you posted that link, because it doesn't work for me. It just takes me to the Steam VR homepage. However, the following link does work:


Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to contain info about when his most recent login was (at least not that I can find).
TaintedSeraphim is now ComradeSeraphim

User Info: St0rmShad0w7

3 weeks ago#20
I played with the guy on leviathan for years, if it’s the same one. Too bad if true, was a nice guy. Around 10 years or so on ffxi myself.
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  3. Hotpiercedguy died? :(
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