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Was the Nail of Vlad actually supposed to be called the Tooth of Vlad?slk_2318/18 3:29PM
Hacks have given me a new appreciation for this gameHylianFox38/16 2:14PM
Santa Creature?kamentierr45/29 3:12AM
Luminous Caverns has to be the worst song in the game, if not all of Castlevaniaslk_2321/21 9:37PM
Somebody rearranged Chapel of Dissonance to sound like Lost Paintings from SotNslk_23312/31 9:12AM
The main problem is level designLukas455555112/8 10:04AM
this game is a garbage piece of s***hories312/8 2:29AM
did this castle confuse you at first?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
mattmonster19911311/17 4:35AM
Help - hint card 4 HelpVeda098729/10 9:55PM
'Dark Covenant' (Death's theme) is actually really scary and appropriateslk_2316/10/2018
Excellent! OrbsBald_Money15/17/2018
Death kidnapping Lydie in HoD is worse than stealing Alucard's equipment in SotNslk_2334/30/2018
Do you think this could have been a much better game if it had better music?slk_2391/18/2018
Did anybody else find the true final boss battle to be way too easy? (spoilers)slk_23111/13/2017
Just beat "the Shadow" (spoilers)metaIslug510/10/2017
Did you notice that Castle B is more 'decayed-looking' than Castle A? (spoilers)slk_2317/6/2017
It's funny how the credits theme proves that not all the music must be chiptuneslk_2341/20/2017
Were any areas in Harmony of Dissonance not copied from Symphony of the Night?slk_23112/22/2016
Was Max Slimer just HoD's version of Akmodan II, the really weak boss from SotN?slk_23212/5/2016
Which game's style of castle progression do you like more: SotN or HoD?slk_23110/16/2016
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