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User Info: FreshFeeling

1 month ago#1
Lord Bob Bree already started a thread about this but it was locked:

This is a spin-off event from the FF5 Four Job Fiesta featuring FF6 characters. In some ways it translates pretty well but there are some problems. Besides being assigned four characters who you must try to use at all times, excluding all other characters, to the best of your ability, the magic command and equipping espers is also banned.

My draw was Edgar, Setzer, Mog, Umaro. It's been interesting! So far I'm up to nearly the end of the Thamasa sequence.

Personally, I've done lots of LLGs on this game (mostly in the interest of stat maxing) but few other challenges. I did that novelty Knight/Thief/White Mage/Black Mage thing last year though.

The early game was interesting. Soloing the game with Edgar from Figaro Castle until the end of his scenario was pretty easy. I did a teensy bit of grinding - probably to level 12 or so - when Banon joined the team. That was plenty.
It's awkward when I was forced to avoid all of my characters, like in Sabin's scenario and now in Thamasa.

A general surprise: how incredibly easy it is to solo a large part of the game - to post-IMRF - with Edgar. With the exponential power curve of the game and the early-game power of tools, nothing was even scary. Edgar one-shot at least half of the Narshe battle. I thought Zozo might be tough, but I had a Wall Ring for vs. Slamdancers. Dadaluma wasn't tough at all. I've had some bad run-ins with Number 128 before but it just took a couple of drills.

I didn't generally run from battles so far, and kind of thought the levelling curve would work out, but again, it's not designed for solo characters so Edgar turned into Superman. When Setzer joined very shortly after followed by Mog, I finally had a full team (which felt great for the Cave to the Sealed Gate), and the levels were like Edgar 22, Mog 17, Setzer 12. Edgar was running this show.

Suddenly, we're back to fairly low-levelled, magic-less Locke and Terra. I went with two Hawkeyes and it really hasn't been that bad.

(to be continued)

What groups are other people getting? Has anything surprised you?
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User Info: Exkalipoor

1 month ago#2
Got Shadow, Gau, Strago and Umaro. Since large parts of the WoB would be solo, I didn't attempt my run. Having two uncontrolable characters sucks as well. Even Strago requires some lore hunting. I would be fine if I had one quirky character.

I prefer the FFV fiesta. I did 26 runs last year (all of them Natural Chaos).

User Info: Hurricane Jesus

Hurricane Jesus
1 month ago#3
Natural magic should be allowed for those characters who learn spells naturally.
Gamer for life!

User Info: OutlawDino

1 month ago#4
I just registered. Terra, Cyan (ugh) Setzer and Gogo. I feel this is going to be a little rough.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

1 month ago#5
I think you’ll be surprised. With the game not being designed around solos and low/no magic access, Cyan will have the highest level probably from around when he joins through the WoB.
And I find myself having forgotten just how much damage a slightly overlevelled character can do; I admit unboosted WoB Edgar beats unboosted WoB Cyan but it’s not a blowout.

I’ve got Mog and Umaro and I’m not particularly scared of the lack of control... though Mog might end up dragooning more than Edgar in the late game. I’m not sure.

I just finished Thamasa and I’m looking forward to floating continent. I’m going to recruit Shadow and keep him dead with Sprint Shoes and Back Guard, I think. He will be my utility corpse. I don’t foresee any big issues until solo no magic Celes vs. Tentacles but I’ve sort of done it before. Sort of.
The feral chocobo calls with a boisterous "wark," not the domestic breed's mild "kweh."

User Info: SuperSaiyanTien

1 month ago#6
My team is Locke, Shadow, Cyan, and Strago.

I'm only near South Figaro currently.

Locke is doing just fine but the fight against the two M-tek Armors was quite difficult. I did level him up a few times just to make things less sketchy. Locke only has fight at this point and will be really bad with damage until Genji Glove.

For the future I have Cyan who can definitely solo some stuff during Sabin's scenario. Not too worried about his performance in Narshe Battle or Zozo either.

I'm mostly excited for Strago as he's a powerhouse: can hit all elemental damage (Lores + Rods), has access to powerful healing (Pearl Wind) and MT spells (Grand Train) + M-block setup.

I feel like the MVP team would have been Locke, Celes, Edgar, and Sabin - because then you'd always have at least one person available at any given time. :P
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User Info: Exkalipoor

1 month ago#7
So I will only have Gau in the Narshe battle. But because I don't have Sabin and Cyan, I can't give him any new rage.

So how will he fare against Kefka (the rest of the battles can be skipped)? Do I need enough level-ups to survive ice 2? Is there a decent base rage?

User Info: Exkalipoor

1 month ago#8
So this will be the availability of my team:

Shadow - Camp, Train (easy, I'm currently at a Solo Shadow game and he had no issues in the WoB)
Gau - Serpent, Narshe (Can he beat Kefka without any new rage?)
Shadow, Gau - Zozo (The only oppurtunity for Veldt training!!!)
Gau - Opera, Factory, Cave, Vector (Should be doable with the rigth rages)
Strago - Bourning House (Can he beat the boss?)
Strago, Gau - Air Force
Strago, Gau, Shadow - Continent, Atma
Celes, Edgar, Setzer - Early WoR stuff (Dullahan will be a pain, may just rig slots)
Gau - King Behemoth or Umaro (probably Umaro, Gau without any WoR Rage and equipment may have a tough time recruting Shadow/Umaro)
Gau, Shadow/Umaro - King Behemoth or Umaro
Gau, Shadow, Umaro - Villa (to get Relm, who recruits Strago)
Gau, Shadow, Umaro, Strago - Kefka (Will be a pain, but I can get necessary rages, lores and equipment).

Really s***ty availability.

User Info: Exkalipoor

1 month ago#9
Gau (level 12) has no chance against Kefka. Any advice?

User Info: Kigalas

1 month ago#10
I’m slacking on my second run of this. First run was about the best party I could hope for - Terra, Edgar, Sabin, Gau - and beat the game around level 50-55 with everyone.

Now I have Cyan, Shadow, Relm, Umaro for my team. I’m just before the Burning House, with Shadow a little above 20. Cyan is 38 since he had to solo most of the WoB, but it was easier than I expected.

Exkalipoor posted...
Gau (level 12) has no chance against Kefka. Any advice?

Should’ve leveled up with your non-characters to increase the average party level before he joined. If you’re stuck there at that level you may have to restart your game.
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