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zarreff 5 months ago#1
I made a Demarch of Mask and a Rogue combination.

Originally I started with a level of Rogue for those good skill points, I picked Strongheart Halfling as my race and choose Ambidexterity, Two Weapon Fighting, and Weapon Finesse as my first feats chosen. I put Dexterity as my max attribute and kept upping the points. When I finally got through the ice temple and mastered battle squares, I gave my character the Brilliant Energy Shortsword and dual wielded that and another small blade (eventually Lolths Sting as my second weapon).

I kept most levels in Demarch of Mask and I only gave enough Rogue levels for Evasion and also whenever I needed higher skill points for Rogue Skills. This character was doing really well in battle, had a high hit bonus, decent saves, and could evade spells due to rogue levels. Also found Demarch domain spells as uber useful since you get to use mirror image and blur, along with improved invisibility. You dont have any arcane spell failure since this is from a cleric spell list, and its a nice variation from the traditional mix of Rogue/Wizard.

When my Strongheart Halfling perished in the River Caves, I decided to make a new character to make it more interesting rather than a reload save. So this time I made a Rogue2/Demarch of Mask X with a Drow Female. This was a more interesting Choice as the favored class was now Cleric instead of the Strongheart Halfings Rogue. This means I can now mix in other levels without incurring an experience penalty. Like I can give myself some Fighter levels to get the weapon specialization feats if I keep my Rogue levels near my Fighter levels. Another wonderful perk is Drow get spell resistance, and this mixed with evasion from rogue makes my character much harder to hurt by blast spells.

Are their any character combinations, that you finally tried or came up with, that worked out very well?
(edited 5 months ago)
zarreff 4 months ago#2
I found that having more than one cleric and multiclassing them in different aspects to see what works has made many sections of the game easier. I was able to down Chahopek the Guardian in only three attempts...that boss battle had brought me many tears of anger in the past. This time I knew I needed sure strike weapons or +5, and I casted the right buffs. I sent four of my characters in to melee the beast, and the other two used bows/crossbows with the right ammunition (+5 bolts, and sure strike arrows)

The four fighting the beast in melee each had either +5 weapon (brilliant energy short sword from the battle square mastery) and the rest were sure strike weapons. Three of theses characters were clerics multiclassed and one pure cleric
1= Human Paladin 2, Cleric 12
2= Aasimar Cleric 13
3=Drow Rogue 2/Cleric 11
the fourth character in melee was not a cleric but a Orc Monk 14 with the club of disruption equipped (thankfully simple maces are usable by everyone because his fists wouldnt be able to hit since they are not sure strike like that mace)

Now the buffs I ended up casting were what changed the gameplay for this boss. I found that casting Holy Power by each of the cleric turned the tide immensely. Each cleric had access to the spell (its caster only) but it grants the caster +4 damage bonus on each hit for the spells duration which is 1 round/per level. This is incredbile! It made me realise that taking four levels of fighter is not really necessary anymore. Becuase with Holy Power you do +4 damage per hit not just +2 like weapon specialization grants. Your levels of cleric will be exceedingly more useful than extra HP, small gains to hit bonus, and the feats from dipping levels of fighter. The Cleric has access to spells and buffs that render taking fighter levels obsolete. The Spell Chapions Strength grants 4+1d4 STR bonus to any creature the cleric casts it on and it lasts a long time! That spell adds to damage you deal as well as your +to hit when you use regular melee weapons.

So my findings have shown that its more beneficial to make different clerics that dip in different classes than to make entire classes around being just melee. I found my paladin 2 cleric X to be pretty powerful since she is immune to fear, has charisma bonus to fortitude and it helps with turning, and she has some extra hit points, but has access to a larger pool of useful spells than a straight paladin would. Also sinceshes multiclassed she isnt strictly paladin when it came to using subterfuge cloaks in the Yuan-Ti Temple. A straight paladin wouldnt be as powerful.
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  3. Created a character I never considered and now its my favorite!

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