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Laclongquan 2 years ago#71
What doesnt work any more on Heart of Fury

1. Turn Undead say good bye. With the increase in CR, saving throws, and level, the undead generally can save right through TU of the best cleric even with increase in Wisdom and charisma. It's so rare to see it work that it's simply best to leave TU out of our tactical tools. hell, at least disruption weapons can dismiss them with a critical hit, even with 1/20 chance.

2. Fail-save-or-zero-effect spells are out of date. With the increase in saving throws, such spells become harmless to enemies. You generally need some other effects before you can consider such things. Grease for example, always have extra "slow" effect outside of saving throws, so it's still work, but Web simply not reliable any more.

3. Paladin build or Paladin fighter no longer work. Their AC is not enough to avoid attacks, so the injuries coming in more often and hit harder. Yet they only have one charge of Lay on Hand, about 100HP, which mean they need to stick like glue to the clericfighter to rely on their Heals. Their saves and resistance are high, but the increase threat on the frontline mean they still cant stand for long. And no, Stoneskin help them about 3-4 rounds before the charges exhausted. And if they get improved invisibility they cant get heal, only mass heal.

Paladin fighter barely stand on the frontline and we only keep such build out of roleplaying reason, plus the Lost Follower quest reward for Pal. You might want to consider such munchkin build like F4/Pal8/ClericX. The F4/Pal8 to last through insane run, to get Fiendslayer feat. The cleric build to get Draw upon Holy Might and ironskin. Or even more munchkin by F4/Pal1/ClericX and ignore Fiendslayer.
Bloody ass you all, I love The Wheel of Time series
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  3. Heart of Fury (HoF) run, with Average Party Level 20

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