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Krow_Incarnate 4 years ago#1
I created a fighter and multi-classed him into a rogue for his first level up.

I know that fighter/thieves can't do so in Baldur's Gate, but I figured given the nature of the 3E rules, it wouldn't be a problem in IWD2.
Hail Hydra
militant agnostic 4 years ago#2
Normally you take rogue at level 1 to take advantage of 4x the skill points. Usually leveling mainly as a wizard afterward for intelligence synergy and to give them something effective in combat (sneak attack sucks in this game).

The main build is rogue 1/wizard 29, or a spellsword with either rogue 10/wizard 20, or rogue 3/barbarian 3/fighter 4/wizard 20.
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Amarande 4 years ago#3
Regular mode is easy enough for just about any reasonably balanced group of 6 that covers the traditional D&D bases.

HOF mode is another matter, just as it was in IWD1 (even regular Insane difficulty for the most part, as well as the HOF equivalent difficulty in the BG1/BG2 enhanced editions).

Largely the issue is that the damage/healing model in (A)D&D does not handle sustained heavy damage very well at all, which explains why most of the "high difficulty" builds rely so heavily on arcane caster levels (or in the case of IWD2 a character specifically built around getting every AC bonus possible; this does not work in the AD&D based games because AC is apparently capped there) - wizard spells afford the ability not to take damage at all, which is vital because the only useful combat heal at even medium levels under the higher damage of Insane/HOF is Heal (which is in turn not only in very limited supply due to the small number of 6th level divine spell slots, but also the very slow cast time combined with how easy it is to interrupt spells in D&D compared to most other systems used in CRPGs).

To be blunt other systems handle difficulty scaling much better, because the damage and healing model is similarly scalable (e.g., Dragon Age, most JRPGs/MMOs, etc.).
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  3. So am I f***ed for disabling traps?
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