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Johnny7oak 5 years ago#1
In the second/third chapter of Icewind dale 2 I have experienced monsters spawning in the battle mastery and move/teleport to the holding chamber.... not a bug, but...

Bug: The square is not awarded and mode selector must be thrown to call the match for defeat...

Solution 1: wait for the crystal champion golem to arrive next to the holding area of the other party members. Then have holding area party members attack. opponent must die, and Golem is your referee...

solution 2: after throwing the defeat mode, walk over to the golem and defeat is awarded, no victory, but a way to continue on.

It is possible to win battle mastery. I did it with a warrior and a lot of potions. tip: remember you can heal between square selections... even going near the party in the holding areas to transfer potions to fighter. exploit? maybe, but when you think of the cost of potions...
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Johnny7oak 5 years ago#3
System settings for you:

Windows 10 -> Compatibility mode (XP service pack 3) 64bit os
RAM: 8 GB ddr2 (1066)
Video card: Radeon HD 65xx? (I think I have a low profile one)
Screen resolution is reduced... to run at 16bit...

Directions to set up for windows 10 use:

1) Install game
2) restart
3)right click on short cut and select properties
4)select compatibility
5) select XP version 3
6) be sure the graphics resolution is clicked to run in 16-bit mode (also in compatibility)
7) run game
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  3. BUG: Work around battle square mastery
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