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User Info: USTraficant

12 years ago#1
I've been trying to follow the FAQ, but there's just so little health in this game, unlike the original games. Are there E-tanks in this game? Back in the day, I would use those to beat most of the bosses in the NES games.

Regardless, I find it very difficult to weave through her slashes or dodge her tornado with the tiny D-pad on the DS. Does anyone else find the buttons to be too small to manipulate properly?
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User Info: Wanded

12 years ago#2
it's a he,and a really badass he while were at it XD
what FAQ are you following exactly?
there are E-tanks in this game,four of them,two placed in game and two produced from using cyber elfs,it's surprising that the FAQ didn't mention those tanks.
anyhow,you can avoid any attack in this game(the hardest one to avoid is Fefnir's special aattck and you can just stay clear from that completely)it's true that the DS's build doesn't help at all(GBA 4ever!~) but all you need to do is play with a certain style that fits Harpuia's pattern,like in every mega man boss,once you figure out how to deal with every attack you can win the boss fight without getting hit.
now,Harpuia also has a little secret method to beat(though it's not really secret),here,watch how i fought him on the last stage 100 point speedrun i made,this has to help you with something...
by the way,there are spoilers with the end of the stage so you might not want to see anything after Harpuia if you don't like spoilers.

last note about the E tanks that are given to you by cyber elfs,using cyber elfs like that lower your rank permanently,you might want to reconsider using any cyber elfs at all if you care about the rank you get.
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User Info: Stepswordsman

12 years ago#3
Those aren't E-Tanks, those are Sub Tanks. E-Tanks were used to refill your life completely in original Megaman games. Sub Tanks are nearly the same, except that after you get one, it's with you forever. But, I'm afraid, you won't be able to get any if you are trying to keep your rank high, because all four Sub Tanks in this game are gotten by sacrificing a Cyber Elf.
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User Info: _HarpuiaX_

12 years ago#4
One another remark about my gender, and I`ll personally terminate you. Painfully.

As for battle strategy... you only have to hit, then dash away and jump above 4 slash waves. Charge Slash helps, as well as Ice Chip.

As for Sub-Tank elves:

Mission 4: Find Shuttle - Lubtan, across those crumbling platforms.
Mission 6: Occupy Factory - Nutan, secret passage in the wall next to the ladder that takes you to the boss.
Mission 7: Defend Resistance base!!!! - Hapitan, in a shaft opened by the armored car in the second building.
Mission 9: Find the hidden base! - Nebitan, when you fall down the long shaft, instead of going straight into the base, there is a hidden passage through the sand to the left that leads to this elf.

I understand that you are aware about rank penality for using elves.
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User Info: Lord_Fork

12 years ago#5
Regardless, I find it very difficult to weave through her slashes or dodge her tornado with the tiny D-pad on the DS. Does anyone else find the buttons to be too small to manipulate properly?

You're doing it wrong, he's too easy to get to the tornado part.
If you can charge your saber, and have the Ice Chip, he's actually the easiest boss in the whole game. No lie.
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User Info: _Ryuuji

12 years ago#6
That's true, just too easy. If you're doing hard mode then take the Ice chip (well, take it however :p ) and the Shield Boomerang, charge it beforehand.
The first attack is Harpuia flying into you, hit him :p then he lands and starts his slice attack, start charging the boomerang and -jump, -land and go as far from harpuia as possible, -jump and attack :p this way you evade all 3 slices and hit him. with the sword is even easier. just repeat those three steps the whole time, he will do ONLY THAT lol. without ice chip is harder, but not as bad as Phantom or X's first form (which is very easy -sometimes- though)
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User Info: onge

12 years ago#7
I come a little late to this party. But still... Harpuia is probably one of the easiest bosses, even on Hard mode. I scoff at the skills of you people, relying on elemental chips for damage. :P

User Info: Chaaxis

12 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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User Info: onge

12 years ago#9
Well, if you're speed-running, Elemental Chips are the way to go.
Elemental Chips? No way. You don't even get the Shield Boomerang, and even if you did, you don't want to sit around charging it and wasting time.

User Info: Chaaxis

12 years ago#10
Jeez, sorry.
This statement is false.
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