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  3. What podcasts does everyone listen to?

User Info: Warlock210

2 months ago#1
Maybe this is well-worn territory, but since I haven't been privy to previous conversations, hit me with some of the podcasts in your rotations. I don't commute to work anymore, but I still try and squeeze an episode of interesting shows in here and there.

I've dabbled in Serial (like most people), a fun comedy/science show called We Have Concerns, and probably my favorite comedy show My Brother, My Brother, and Me.
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"Warlock, you're my savior."~Ellimist-{aB}

User Info: AdmiralViscen

2 months ago#2
Mostly just giant bombcast and beastcast these days

User Info: Deity42

2 months ago#3
I watch JRE on YouTube every other week or so.

But I don't download and listen to any.

I tried with some Survivor ones (Corinne does this thing where she provides hysterical assessments of each new cast) but tbh I find the bantz just super banal and a waste of time while I wait for them to deliver actual content. I mean, I can listen to AM radio for better conversation (or ha e one myself).
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

2 months ago#4
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User Info: Warlock210

2 months ago#5
Oh yeah, I guess I don't really think of it as a podcast but I follow JRE clips on youtube and watch 'em if I think they look interesting.

Jaime pull that s*** up.
"I vote Warlock for president..."~Mac
"Warlock, you're my savior."~Ellimist-{aB}

User Info: DroidKowolluh

2 months ago#6
The Wizard and the Bruiser
Last Podcast on the Left
You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
Dumb People Town

Occasionally old episodes of The Roundtable of Gentlemen
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User Info: Cubfan082

2 months ago#7
note as a pod cast, but I check out Joe Rogan often.

User Info: mobile_jukester

2 months ago#8
I prefer to read articles.
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User Info: Tithenion

2 months ago#9
I don't really listen to much. The only one I dabble in is the one that my wife watches/listens to that Jenna Marbles does with her bf, Julien. They're entertaining sometimes.
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User Info: Antallic

2 months ago#10
Joe Rogen Experience (definitely a podcast)
Hollywood Babble-On (also a podcast)
Here's the Thing (for sure a podcast)
WTF (probably a podcast)
Radiolab (most important podcast there is)
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