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User Info: Vorone

11 years ago#1
OK let me get this right.

Strelok and a group of stalkers go into the zone and are turned away by the monolith fanatics. Ghost dies from a controller, fang dies later on, Strelok is captured by C-Consciousness (C-C) after being knocked unconscious and doc escapes. Strelok is then brainwashed by C-C to kill himself (accidentally and ironically) and the rest of his crew. Strelok gets past the C-C decoy (monolith), with the help of doc and discovers their secret and either joins or kills them.

The thing i didn't understand was the stalkers and the death trucks...
Are stalkers outsiders coming to into the zone to find loot and the wish granter? Or are they brainwashed pawns of C-C sent into the zone to help protect it and then self sacrifice after the mission is completed by reaching the monolith? How do the death trucks play a role in this, are they bring stalkers in or out of the zone?

Also does the monolith actually grant the horrible wishes or does it just create an illusion from the massive amounts of radiation?

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User Info: Mak_Almighty

11 years ago#2
Stalkers is a nickname given to people who come to the zone in search of artifacts and the like, stalkers is also the codename the C-C uses to identify brainwashed sleeper agents. The "Monolith" faction is just made up of brainwashed stalkers who were lured in by the monolith and got brainwashed by the scorcher. Death trucks arn't really explained all that well but I assume that they are used to transport the sleeper agents. The monolith is a trap set by the C-C and does not really grant wishes, I believe it just frys the brain of whoever gets close.

User Info: Vorone

11 years ago#3
OK, after watching the cutscenes over again this is what I think happened.

Strelok wonders into the zone, finds loot, comes back shows doc, continues going into the zone, gets injured, doc heals Strelok, strelok leaves again for the zone after he is healed, reaches the monolith, faints from radiation, gets recruited by C-C to kill Strelok (himself), gets shipped in a death truck, truck gets trashed, dude finds him and so begins the story.

C-C uses victims who fell for the monolith trap and lived to become stalkers via brainwashing/programming them for a certain task.
Those who are picked to become stalkers are transported back into the main stream via death trucks.
A stalker is nothing more than a assassin or tool to make sure the truth about the zone never gets revealed and to do the C-C dirty work.

Am I right?
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User Info: Vorone

11 years ago#4
Thanks Mak, I thought all stalkers were the same. It makes it a little confusing that the brainwashed agents have the same name as the rest of the people. I guess if you didn't want anybody to discover stalkers true nature you would want them to blend in and have the same name*shrugs*

I assume brainwashed stalkers are very rare and are only used on severe threats from anything/anybody who discovers too much of the truth.
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User Info: Deacon_Swain

11 years ago#5
The timeline as I understand it:

- Strelok, Fang, and Ghost work as an apparently notorious 'faction' in the Northern half of the zone, where the Monolith presence is lesser. The three, after completing some oddjobs, begin hatching a plan to infiltrate the deepest part of the zone, Chernobyl itself.

- The three find a way past the brainscrambler in the Red Forest, and manage to make it to the Monolith. HOWEVER, judging from Doc's own information, Fang caught onto the fact the Monolith was a trap and kept the others from manipulating it. Instead they found the locked door leading to C-C, and come close to opening it, only prevented from unlocking it by Monolith agents.

- The trio return to the outside Zone with what loot they have acquired, and Fang begins developing a decoder to open the door into the inner Sarcophagi. Monolith bolsters its defences because of the closecall.

- The trio make another push into Chernobyl, however they are turned away because of the fortified Monolith presence. Strelok is severely wounded and 'hospitalized' in Doc's cabin while the other two take on oddjobs to make money.

- Strelok tells the others he's going to Chernobyl once more. Ghost and Fang join up to rendevous with him, however they are ambushed by a trio of bandits. Fang kills two of them, but the third somehow outmaneuvers both of them and kills Fang (it is possible the assassin is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R agent, as Ghost remarks in the hideout PDA he was far too talented to be a plain old bandit). Ghost and some other stalkers in the area bury Fang with the decoder, and Ghost returns to the outer zone leaving Strelok to push into the Sarcophagi alone.

- Strelok makes it to Chernobyl, but a blowout renders him amnesiac. Since CC apparently never got a visual identification of him, they assume he is -not- Strelok, and submit him to the STALKER process.

- Strelok is loaded onto a death truck, likely to be dropped off either at the Bar or at the Cordon, with orders to kill Strelok as well as Ghost.

- Strelok takes on oddjobs for the traders until he is directed to the Brainscorcher Mk 1. Apparently he enters the facility not long, possibly only minutes after Ghost, but is too late to save him from a Controller, who easily subdues the fatigued and likely wounded stalker. Ghost's PDA guides him to The Guide, who in turn leads him to Doc, leading him to realize he IS Strelok.

User Info: dual_barrel

11 years ago#6
^ nicely put, made me realize what an epic the story is
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