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User Info: honkatonk617

9 years ago#1
I have the STALKER complete 2009 and whenever I sprint, I run waaay too fast for a Ukrainian with a bunch of gear on him.

I get that he's a g, but is there a file I can edit to slow him down a bit?

User Info: honkatonk617

9 years ago#2
nevermind found it in \gamedata\config\creatures\actor.ltx
under spring_koef

it was at 2.6 waaay too fast

User Info: redsky999

9 years ago#3

I just think its a bit funny you should say its "kenyan", the kenyan athletes ive seen generally arent good sprinters, theyre good long distance/endurance runners. Now, if you were to say Jamaican running :P

User Info: Hunjox

9 years ago#4
I reckon Kenyan can still apply. If you equip some stamina-restoring artifacts, Marked One can run through a whole map, without ever getting tired. Once someone said, it's like he's sitting on an invisible motorbike...

User Info: RedneckPirate

9 years ago#5
Hah, it's like having a bunch of Health restoration artifacts. Eventually they balance out with radiation poisoning and you don't need to have an anti-rad artifact on you xD
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