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  3. Anyone know the names of the Ranking Levels?

User Info: KillemAll2009

9 years ago#1

Just out of curiosity . . . does anyone know what are the other rankings are besides Silent Assassin? I got Natural and Executioner on Anathema and wondered what are the other names for different skill rankings.

User Info: SilentCaay

9 years ago#2
Not sure if it's a complete list but:

Silent Assassin
Ninja Extraordinare
Hired Gun
Cut Throat
Mass Murderer
Hatchet Man

I'm not sure the requirements for any except SA. Most, if not all, rely on a point system: Close Encounters & Alerts count against your Stealth points, Kills & Shots Fired count against your Aggression points. The rank you get can depend on either the total points in each category, the total in both categories or the balance between them. For example, SA requires 0 stealth points (which means the bar appears full) and no more than 2 aggression points (only a sliver appears at 2 points). This means no Close Encounters or Alerts for Stealth and for Aggression: shots fired = +1, guards killed = +2, civilians killed = +3 and targets killed never adds points. So you can fire two shots (killing your target with them is optional) OR kill one guard with a melee weapon and you'll still obtain an SA rank but you can't kill any civilians.

The later games rely on the same sort of point system as well but they also have special ranks for playing some missions certain ways (like: all people on map killed and using only a knife, etc). None of the Hitman 2 rankings work that way, though, I believe.
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User Info: KillemAll2009

9 years ago#3

Thanks R i c k for answering my question so thoroughly. I appreciate it very much. I started playing yesterday, which piqued my interest in the other available rankings one can achieve on the missions.

Happy Gaming!

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  3. Anyone know the names of the Ranking Levels?
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