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User Info: Glenn_and_Toad

4 weeks ago#1
I want to agree with Moonroof that I'm really surprised by today's poll, and I want to additionally ask for a Skies of Arcadia rally. I'm not talking about an L-Block, Draven, or Undertale rally, just a normal rally where if you know a friend who likes Skies, rally a vote from him or her so Skies can win a poll on GameFAQS for the first time in ages. Party like it's 2005 and go message your friends on AIM or whatever (this is the 100% official GameFAQs certified way to rally in a poll, you know it.)

I've followed the GameFAQs contests since Ramirez got blow out by Sephiroth in 2005, and Skies of Arcadia has not really come all that close to being relevant. Vyse did beat Laharl in 2004 (I almost forgot that because it was before I started coming here) and we did manage to beat Baldur's Gate II back in 2010, but we've had nothing since then except that Board 8 regulars called Vyse he "fodder line" for a while, though he's honestly probably not realistically strong enough to be deserving of that title anymore. I never thought Skies could win a poll, even a non-contest poll in 2019. Look at what is happening to Tales of Symphonia in this poll; that is a respected game with a second-place finish in the greatest 4-way match of all time. I can't believe that's not happening to Skies of Arcadia to be quite honest. What a great showing by Skies.

I also want to take a moment and be thankful that Vyse and Skies of Arcadia each got a contest win, even against completely weak entries. There are a lot of games and characters who get into contests and never get wins, and Skies' game and main character each got one. But this would be a really cool win in a year many contest experts (myself included(On this account and excluding my alt accounts, I have a 50 and two top-10s in the Oracle challenge)(if you don't know what the Oracle challenge is, don't worry about it))) thought Skies had no chance to win. I do want to give a shout-out to Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door for being a well-constructed RPG that holds up and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for being the second-best FE game ever, but I gotta vote with my heart and rally for Skies here.

Alright great huddle now everyone post you favorite inspirational Skies of Arcadia quotes every time Skies gets a vote in the poll.
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User Info: DevsBro

4 weeks ago#2
Oh man.

This is actually really close for me between SoAL and Metroid Prime. Probably my two favorite games for the system.

I guess what it comes down to is SoAL is in more need of a remaster. The blocky DC graphics have more room for improvement compared with MP's still-look-great-today visusls, its music could use better instruments compared to MP's, which are already more or less perfect, and SoAL has the potential for VA and such.
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User Info: Moonroof

4 weeks ago#3
I got 227 people to vote for it so far

User Info: MetaFails

4 weeks ago#4
Wow, Moonroof, that's incredible.
I don't have anyone who I can get a vote from, but I at least voted for it myself.
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User Info: SaturnX03

4 weeks ago#5
I was torn between this and Baten Kaitos. I think I made the right choice.
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User Info: Valshier

4 weeks ago#6
Victory! And against some very tough competitors as well!

User Info: Simmedon

4 weeks ago#7
Honestly, I'm pretty surprised Thousand Year Door only took 3rd. Although any of the top 3 would have been great remakes / remasters for the Switch for me.

I voted for Skies, just for the record. I'd happily take even a port to Steam or something just so that I can play it again.
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User Info: robster_2005

3 weeks ago#8
That was a really stupid poll in the first place as both TOS and LOZ:WW have already had HD remakes on the Wii and Wii U.

Glad SOA won though personally I voted for Baten Kaitos as I love those games
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