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User Info: Sin93

5 years ago#1
Thought I would try to breathe some life into the board by asking what everybody thinks would improve the game if it was to be released again, or given a sequel (I know it's unlikely, but I'm very interested what people think as well as trying to start a discussion).

First would be more things to do of different types. I would particularly like ship-based missions. I love the Baltor bounty battles, and I can't help but feel as though this could be exploited by developers as a lot of people love the ship combat. Unfortunately it gets too easy with a fully upgraded Delphinus, although if you can beat Zelos and the Hydra, a random set of black pirates probably aren't going to prove much of a challenge. I wonder whether it could be resolved through better opponent AI, such as silencing tactics, which leads me onto my next suggestion.

Item rebalancing. While I like having access to the seeds at end-game time if I want to use them, the ease with which you can acquire sacrulen crystals and complete kits just make it impossible to lose unless you self-limit. I wouldn't mind a way to get these infinitely, because I hate limited items, but they definitely should not be as easy to get as they are. It trivialises what should be difficult battles, such as the Hydra and Piastol, where at end-game Sacres isn't enough to heal you, so you should have to balance the risk of allowing her to use magic on you with healing in case of a special attack. It, along with the use of delta shield against many opponents, pretty much makes healing magic useless.

Which leads me onto my next suggestion, which would be a scene skip for magic attacks as well as S. Moves. I'm sure I'm not the only one, and this is such a minor thing that would do so much to help replayability.

One feature I feel would have been interesting from early development was ship buying and selling, but obviously this is impossible due to plot requirements for both of the main ships.

For a sequel, I would like to see them actually continue with the same main three characters, perhaps with their powers cancelled out by the black moon or something as the in-game explanation for why they're no longer super-powered. This would allow for examination of the changes to the world after the events of the first game.

For starters, rifts would return, but thanks to Valuan tech letting ships power through them and Yafutoman tech letting ships fly over them there would be no boundaries, leading to increased trade, and thus increased value in being a black pirate. Ironically, Valua would probably be entirely reliant on Ixa'taka for quite some time, having had all of their (presumably limited) agriculture obliterated.

With Enrique as the Emperor and the political alliance of the Yafutomans with them, as well as the desctruction of both the Valuan and Nasr fleets, the Yafutomans would likely become the predominant world power. However as neither they or the reformed Valua are aggressive or oppressive nations, blue rogues no longer have any targets that comply with their morals other than black pirates.

This would parallel the golden age of piracy on Earth, where many former pirates became bounty hunters who hunted their brethren. It seems likely to me that Vyse would fall into this, and the increased political tension would probably force him to give up his life of piracy, most likely either as a bounty hunter or a mercenary (or both).

The problem is that this would give the game a different tone to the first game (although near the end I guess the game had a similar tone to this idea), which immediately makes me dislike it on principal.

Still, I can't actually think of any other way they could progress save with a Daccat-era prequel (which would probably also be terrible due to the lack of technologies etc which are common in the era of the first game).
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

5 years ago#2
There are some games that the only way to make a sequel is to make the game in the same universe, and not a direct sequel. Maybe using a new charachter and from time to time hearing about the legendary Captain Vyse.
What made Skies of Arcadia so good to begin asides from the great main characters, supporting cast, and storyline, with was the whole idea of exploring and discovering new continents and places, meeting different people in that continent.

It will be really hard to make skies of arcadia 2 in the universe that we are already so familiar with. that surprise of discovery is gone. only way to save it is amazing storyline and characters.

User Info: ShmittlesThePoe

5 years ago#4
A remake would be welcome, but the only way to make whole other skies game good would be to just make it in a similar world/setting, not the exact same one. Sequels have ruined too many epic universes that were better left untouched.
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User Info: MonadAlvis

5 years ago#5
Space travel?
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User Info: S0ul_Th13f

5 years ago#6
A remake could have a playable epilogue added to it.
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User Info: Crylhound

5 years ago#7
I'm really iffy on the thought of a SoA sequel, because the original was just so good. I don't think it needs one, really, and if one came out, it'd be hard for it to live up to the already-set standards. Of course, I would love to see the characters again, but I'd prefer them in crossover games like in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, or (if I ran the world, lol) a Smash Bros game.

If there was to be a sequel, I'd be more open to a future-generation sort of thing... maybe several hundred years after the end of SoA, involving another group of awesome characters. I'd be interested in seeing Arcadia after the rebuilding of Valua, the connection between the west and east, etc. I think that could really take the world into a cool direction, and if done well it could keep that sense of discovery and exploration while staying on the same world.

The only problem I have with space travel is that, during the game, it's not a possibility for pretty much every single character. Except the Silvites, but they're all dead, save for Fina, and their technology got destroyed as well with the destruction of the Great Silver Shrine and the re-sinking of Soltis. It would take a LONG time for the Arcadians to develop that kind of technology while simultaneously getting the world back on track... and I don't think that the major world leaders would be too concerned about space travel & exploration until their respective nations were a-OK again, lol.

If there was space travel in a future-set game, I would so want to see something about the Black Moon - and the Dark Rift! I've always thought there had to be some connection there, beyond "Oh, well, maybe the moon stone just, like, fell there centuries ago." I feel like there's a lot of potential there.

As for a remake, I can't think of much that's not yet been stated. Although, in regards to ship battles, maybe the enemies respawn according to your level? Kind of like how the bounty fights have enemies that level with you, the ship battles gain more stats so it's more of a challenge? I know it's a long process to get the title Sky Battle King anyway, but at least it wouldn't be so tedious if it was actually a battle and not a one-hit KO.

Magic scene skips, yes please! These get quite annoying when you're facing, say, 5 enemies and they all use Pyres or something. Or even when using Pyrulen or something. At least they're not as long as S. Move animations, but still.

I'm not unhappy with the item availability, but maybe that's just because I only use magic in the overworld and during ship battles. I can't tell you how often I used Sacrulen during the fight with Zelos, and since Piastol learns Eternes after a few battles, using Delta Shield every turn is a necessity. Also, the fight with Air Pirate Vigoro... ugh, gross. I never actually got to beat that guy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I read it was possible to buy and sell your ship in the Dreamcast version... no idea how that worked or anything, but it's a potentially interesting mechanic.

User Info: Burningocean

5 years ago#8
On the gamecube version you can skip inbattle(on foot) S.Moves by pressing 'Z'.But if your talking about S.Moves in Ship Battles then it would be nice to be able to skip those along with Magic attacks.
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User Info: TreeDigger

5 years ago#9
MonadAlvis posted...
Space travel?

"They say its impossible to sail past it" (Dracma talking about the sun)

thats what I always thought they would do (go into space and to the moons. Also I cant remember if it comes later is this game but be able to sail higher and lower.

User Info: TreeDigger

5 years ago#10
MonadAlvis posted...
Space travel?

"They say its impossible to sail past it" (Dracma talking about the sun)

thats what I always thought they would do (go into space and to the moons. Also I cant remember if it comes later is this game but be able to sail higher and lower.
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