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  3. Would you rather have a prequel or sequel? (Spoilers: Likely a lot of them)

User Info: ShmittlesThePoe

9 years ago#11
Prequel. That, or a completely different "skies" universe.
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User Info: TheChosenKokiri

9 years ago#12
Sequel that delves into the mystery of the Black Moonstone.

User Info: SaxAppeal47

9 years ago#13
A sequel about the black moonstone could be cool. They could also pull something like a floated world (ala Tales of the Abyss) Where the lands of Arcadia were floated into the sky during the golden age.

A prequel about Daccat would be cool. A prequel about Dyne (who's past and exploits were largely unmentioned) would be equally cool. With Dyne the setting could be kept. I love the Victorian era steampunk feel. For the people asking for something like this, there isn't much, i looked extensively.

Also just because no one has ever said this before, it would need a ship buying/selling part to it.

User Info: MWG

9 years ago#14
As long as they did something to explain the Black Moonstone and the Dark Rift, I wouldn't care if it was a prequel or sequel. Although I'd prefer sequel with flashbacks or time travel to deal with what happened before the first game.

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

9 years ago#15
Sadly, the Dyne game probably wouldn't be all that detailed. While it could maybe be set during the Valua-Nasr War, giving it that added fun, think about it, you wouldn't go to Ixa "Taka, Yafutoma, the Lands of Ice since those places weren't ever discovered in the New World until Vyse discovered them.
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User Info: SaxAppeal47

9 years ago#16
I hadn't thought of that, you're right about the smaller scope of the game.

User Info: RyDiggity

9 years ago#17
I would like to see a sequel using the three main characters still in play. On the systems we have today they could make it so a few new characters join the sceme of things and come up with some type of storyline where they have to save the day. But any type of game like this would be good even if they just remade the ---- out of it with modern day graphics and new moves a couple twists in the story. A prequel would be weak to me cuz like said by others it would be kinda anti climatic but I would probably still want to play it. There has only been few rpgs that I have been able to get into and this was one. the story and characters and the world they live in have to capture me and this game did that perhaps better than any other. Final Fantasy 10 (only FF I ever played), Tales of Destiny 2, Grandia I think 2 (The one on Dreamcast), Ogre Battle 64 and thats it. any other rpg game I played I couldn't get into. Although this one and Final Fantasy 10 were my two favorites

User Info: Timpb

9 years ago#18
I really don't think I would enjoy a prequel at all. The only kind of prequel that might work would be one about Daccat just because legends say he's seen all the moons with his own eyes, so it could still have you travel everywhere. Plus the ghost ship many believe to be his ship and it's in upper sky so he could still travel above and below the clouds somehow.
However the overall technology used would still be kind of weak.
A remake would be okay, but I still really want a sequel. They have to do something involving the black moon in my opinion. They set themselves up for such a great sequel using it. And in a sequel, I really don't think they can use the same characters. They would ruin the characters and the game if they did so. This game rapped everything up with all of the characters so nicely.
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User Info: geekneck99

9 years ago#19
I like the "Daccat prequel", "Black Moon", and the "spiritual successor in a completely different world/universe" concepts.

What about a Daccat based prequel that also delves into the mystery of the Black Moonstone/Dark Rift? Or is that a horrible idea?
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User Info: RyDiggity

9 years ago#20
Well If they did a sequel with a new cast of characters they would need to do just as good of job at selling these new characters.

They did such a good job on this game with the characters both good and bad. Temporary and Main that I think it would be hard to compare.

Ramirez was a sick villan along with the rest of the Valuan Armada, although Alfonso got on my nerves but I figure he was suppose to. Vyse, Aika, and Fina were all like able and Drachma, Gilder, and Enrique were as well.

I think Gilder was my favorite. Maybe if they did a game with a new cast they could find a way to get Gilder in your party along with his sick special where he pulls out the two big ass 50 cal Dessert Eagle lookin guns and empties a clip on a whole row of characters after telling them to dance for him. Swear that was my favorite move in the whole game. (maybe any game)

But real talk If they did a sequel with a new cast they should cameo a few characters. Dnt place it too far in the future. If they did a prequel, a story bout Daccart seems like the best idea.

But I dnt think a game with the same cast would be weak. There's plenty of ways to get them into another adventure. Maybe with Valua being rebuilding, The Nasarians could be the bad guys trying to advance or gain power. Maybe a Black Pirate vs Blue Rouge War. Maybe both since the game didn't have but one Black Pirate as part of the story, and very few Nasarians. Something bout a dark rift and black moon sounds cool but they could do it with this cast.

Maybe I'm just holding on to a great game with great characters but hey it's what ever. Only this game and FFX made me like the story and characters this much. Maybe a next gen remake of this game with remodeled dungeons and sick graphics would be my best hope. doubt any of the above will happen tho.
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