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User Info: Shishio07

9 years ago#1
Im sure this topic has come up before, but I didnt feel like searching through the 87 pages to find out. So does anyone know if there will ever be a sequel to this amazing game. I mean the legends update was pretty sweet, but who else wants a legitimate sequel to one of the best RPGs Ive ever played.

User Info: eggman_38

9 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: eggman_38

9 years ago#3
The characters made an appearance in Valkyria Chronicles, but there's been no news of a sequel. Or rather, no official news.

User Info: Simon33333

9 years ago#4
i wouldnt expect it to happen now.

User Info: thoul

9 years ago#5
Every year, a new rumor pops up that the sequel will appear at the next Tokyo Game Show. So far, it never has.

User Info: ShmittlesThePoe

9 years ago#6
I don't want a sequel; that universe is as close to rpg perfection as I'll probably ever see, and I don't want anyone screwing it up like Bamco did to Tales of Symphonia.

If they were to make a completely different "skies" world (i.e. different universe) with its own places and characters, I'd totally be up for that, in fact that's what I want from Sega more than anything else.
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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

9 years ago#7
As for a spiritual successor, there is Nostalgia for the DS. It's the closest thing you'll find to SoAL IMO.
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User Info: Master_Banatine

9 years ago#8
I agree that any continuation of the story would be bad. there were no major loose ends and the whole story wraps up happily and completely.

However a remake that included a bigger plot (i mean bigger than a paragraph) regarding the black moon? and the 6 civilisations before the rains of destruction? and other non-essentials like full voice acting and next-gen graphics? If we could get that, i would buy it now, even if it wasn't coming for years
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User Info: Kyubi_Nick

9 years ago#9
To my understanding, years ago there was a sequel in the works that got canned. On a side note, this is probably as close as you'll ever get to one.



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User Info: BigL87

9 years ago#10
you know i think they can't do a sequel because the ending was too complete, but a prequel would be pretty cool. Maybe you play as Vyse's father and you run into a young Drakma or maybe even further back to when they had that ancient war. I would buy that if they did it correctly.
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