Berserk DEF Reduction

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User Info: petle002

1 year ago#1
Does anyone know exactly how/when the Berserk DEF -30% factor is applied? Specifically, I'm wondering how it stacks in conjunction with other DEF +X% factors from equipment. Here are two of several possibilities that I see:

Assume 1000 base DEF and +90% DEF from equipment for each scenario.

1. It subtracts from the total DEF +X% you have accumulated - effectively cancelling out one of the BoP +DEF factors: 1000 * (1 + (.9 - .3)) = 1600.

2. It multiplies your total DEF after equipment boosts by .7: 1900 * .7 = 1330.

There are definitely other ways in which I could see it being applied, but these were the first two that came to mind. Any comments/experiences with Berserk are appreciated.

Thank you.

User Info: petle002

1 year ago#2
It looks to be something closer to #2. I took an Uber Fayt with 5007 DEF against EQ on Galaxy and I was taking a few hundred damage per hit with Berserk on. This means that Berserk alone took me from 5007 down to something well below 4000 (presumably about 3500).

User Info: Mad_Cartoonist

1 year ago#3
It would be the second case.

If it was the first case, then BERSERK wouldn't have been applied to the base DEF at all, and I really doubt the game is that kind.
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