If there is so3 remake or so6 what do you hope

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User Info: yuyayuzu

1 year ago#1
It looks like so3 is quite popular among fans so it is possible to have a remake of the game though so5 has negative review but summon night 5 also has bad review but they can make summon night 6 in the end so it it still possible to have so6 although its chance maybe very small

For me
For both so3 remake or so6, I really hope
-they give smarter AI , in SO3 the AI tend to cast symbology when the enemy is right in front of them as if they want their lifes gone as soon as possible , I am okay with them casting it but why don't they run first before casting it?
- I hope they keep the maximum number of party to be 4 , I have seen so5 gameplay and it is very hard to see when there are so many party members

For SO3:

Claire is actually a popular NPC so I hope she will be playable if there is a remake and if it is possible , I would rather Sophia to be NPC and Clair become the party member . Sophia annoys me in the beginning where she told what Fayt should do in the future but after she joins the party member in the game I don;t find that she is particularly annoying , she is just kinda there tagging along and she really does not look like the fighting type making me wonder why they force her to become a party member. She is the only mage of the party with thunder flare and explosion good for stunlocking but fayt has explosion and nel has thunder flare, if you leave cliff and maria/albel/roger as attacker , they can replace sophia if you just want to stunlock the enemies although their INT is quite low compared to her but still average which is comprehensible since their weapons are atk-based.

For SO6:
I hope they make the previous SO characters to appear as cameo battle particularly fayt and maria + cliff/nel/cliff/roger/albel/mirage in so3
since I think they will be a challenging fight

User Info: NeoRyujinZ

1 year ago#2
What I hope for an SO3 remake
1) All Battle Skills and symbols should get starting base damage multipliers and upgrade paths similar to how SO5 done them. The starter spells for Miki and Fiore were at level one with over 200% base damage!
2) Change the Laser Weapon so that it could up ATK and INT like SO4 and SO5's Laser Weapon.
3) Maybe Clair, Farleen and Tynave as new optional recruits?
4) While we're at it, please, for the love of Tria and the Elicoorian Pantheon give Farleen a better English VA!
5) Max Shockwave for Mirage too. Because why should Cliff have all the fun having a 7-hit Hadoken of Death?
6) Make Sophia's Meteor Swarm non-elemental again like with the original SO3.
7) Make Roger's Star Fall non-elemental again like with the original SO3.
8) Bring the Laser Suit into the game. It would finally give Adray better armor, and he could be more of a help as a party member.
9) Changes to the Bonus Battle Gauge. The rate of the BBG should always default at 100%. Keep the increased rate when facing higher-level enemies, but keep the default at 100%. There's no point in decreasing the rate when you have higher-leveled party members.

What I hope for SO6
tri-Ace might try to mix in other mechanics with the previous games for SO6. I only have a few suggestions.
1) If there will be a Rush Mode-type mechanic introduced in SO6, at least make it so that you can stun an enemy while in a Rush Mode-type state.. If it was possible to stun one with a stun bomb, it would had been alright. Every enemy, even bosses, should be possible to stun. This is the only counterbalance to something like Rush Mode and other types of No Guard status. Making 98-100% stun resistance for every boss in a game where there is another way for it to have No Guard status, is unbalanced.
Addendum -- Another way to deal with an enemy using a Rush Mode-type mechanic would be to have each character have at least, a Battle Skill/Battle Art that can hit an enemy while they have been knocked down. In SO4 it was possible to OTG an enemy that was already in the air, that had entered Rush Mode as it fell. Using a Battle Art that could pick it up from the ground bypassed the No Guard status from Rush Mode.
2) No more BS where you have to fight a superboss to get one ingredient to IC the best equipment in the game. SO5 had the right idea where you could get Orichalcums and Moonstones from bosses in the Maze of Tribulations; you could do MoT again from the top two more times after the initial run. Meaning you can farm these ingredients as much as you need to.
3) Give every spellcaster the ability to cut their casting time down, whether it's through an accessory, role, or anything else. Having only the Sage role to give one caster faster casting times in SO5 was in every sense of the word, foolish. Especially since you will have the same two casters in one party. Giving one the reduced casting time, while the other has to struggle to even cast a spell without being interrupted at all? It's bad game design and it could had been remedied.
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User Info: wpot

1 year ago#3
I felt it was fairly easy to stun most bosses in SO5. That said, the only way to do it effectively was to use Anne's Hammer of Might (particularly when leveled up) and I'm not sure how many people know that adds Stun. (Very few, I think, given that it's not mentioned in the FAQs or on the board other than my topic) In any case, if you level it up and slam bosses with it over and over you'll cause a stun or two just about every combo. Works on the final boss...and almost everything else. Pretty cheap, really.

Anyways, on topic:
My primary hope for SO6 is that it exists. My second hope is that it isn't a lame mobile game. My Final Hope is....nevermind.

Other thoughts:
Fewer PAs, more interesting content.
Fewer fetch quests, add a couple interesting sidequests.
Fewer exhausting/pointless item creation recipes. More interesting quality to discover without a guide.
An interesting story. (You're in space; there should be something more interesting to do than a "rescue the girl" storyline)
Much more strategy/variety in the battle system (and fewer visual effects so it can be utilized). I liked the variety in SO4, if not the rush system.

But really, just make sure it exists.
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User Info: vicil

1 year ago#4
Oh god... what would I hope for in a remake? Well... let's take it from the top.

1) The AI in the game isn't terrible, but it definitely STARTS terrible. You need to invest hundreds of Skill Points in the Attack and Defense attributes to get it to a reasonable level, and the command to do that is buried in a submenu with very unclear descriptions. In a remake, they should make a choice: max out these attributes from the start and remove them from the menu, or just rewrite their entry in the camp interface. There's already BS urban legends about the AI getting smarter by playing, where in reality you spend points to level it up.

2) Overhaul Item Creation. Let's be honest, IC is a guide seller. I often use codebreakers just to lower the failure rate, because if I didn't, I would just end up resetting the game over and over, which artificially inflates the time spent playing. There should also be an easier way to choose which items to create, rather than the randomness of resetting the invention line. Perhaps by keeping track of them in an in-game booklet, and letting you select them specifically to create.

3) Change the Bent Mystic Blade from a Bunny Race reward to a Tournament reward.

These last 3 are not a big deal, but I would like to see them implemented

Optional) Give use the Japanese voice tracks, remove the 50k battles trophy, and make Nibelung Velesti and Ether Strike minor attacks like in the original release.
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User Info: Malakith2512

1 year ago#5
Greeton as a dlc side story. They make it sound interesting and than you never visit the damn place.
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User Info: yuyayuzu

1 year ago#6
I think I will add something for so3 remake
- Welch as additional party member which can be recruited when your inventor rank is high enough
- weapons that increases both atk and int
- armors that increase agl
- Unique Passive skills for each party members
- For fayt :
Since he is symbological swordsman and has destruction genes the time to stop after casting is reduced enabling him to move freely after casting or atk that ignores def of the enemies and decreasing it
- For maria:
genes of alteration meaning she can buff the party, so while she is on the field, the damage dealt by party members' increases
- For nel:
Ninja so agl and hit up, critical rate up, stun rate up

User Info: XRhinehartX

1 year ago#7
Regardless of whether it's a sequel or a remake, we need to go back to SO2's skill and item creation systems with SO3's combat, but scratch the fury block and use the guard button block. SO2 and SO3 had good stories, but SO3 had the best writing and voice acting to date. The development team needs to not treat it like a niche title and think of it as a triple AAA title. I want to see the kind of effort and production the Persona team puts into their games. The Star Ocean series is great, and should be treated as such. I just don't feel like they've done that in 4 or 5.
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User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

1 year ago#8
The two mainline Star Ocean games that have been released since SO3 were dogs***, so, no more SO.

Valkyrie Profile 3's where it's at.

Final Fantasy XV - home to more bugs than Klendathu.

User Info: XRhinehartX

1 year ago#9
Breastmilkn_Dip posted...
The two mainline Star Ocean games that have been released since SO3 were dogs***, so, no more SO.

Valkyrie Profile 3's where it's at.

Or, y'know, 4.
"Listen to this guy, he's got your back." - Ecclesiastes273

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

1 year ago#10
Ignis: "I want Valkyrie Profile Threhh."

Final Fantasy XV - home to more bugs than Klendathu.
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