"Morir es vivir" sounds more like "Morir es vee-bee"

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  3. "Morir es vivir" sounds more like "Morir es vee-bee"

User Info: STARS-Legend

1 year ago#1
Anybody notice how weird it sounds when they say this? Is it supposed to sound like that in their dialect? I even wear earphones while playing to make it crystal clear, and it definitely sounds like "veebee" instead of "vivir".

User Info: BimmyLee

1 year ago#2
I'm a native Spanish speaker. They do pronounce "morir es vivir" right. In Spanish there is no "V" sound; both the V and B letters sound like a B, so "vivir" sounds "bee-beer". The Spanish R sounds different and stronger than in English though, so maybe that's why you're missing the R at the end of the word, but they do pronounce it: https://youtu.be/dysQweR2lWk?t=19s

The whole Spanish thing in the game is inconsistent and doesn't make much sense, though. First, the voice actors are clearly NOT from Spain, as they all speak with a Mexican/Latin accent. And second, while they often try to make the actors speak with "Spain-pronunciation", sometimes they forget; and some other times even the phrases they say are purely Mexican, like "qué padre" or "ándale". Having said that, the Spanish voice acting in the game is really funny and it's much better done than in most American movies/tv-series (where they usually put someone who can barely speak Spanish as a 3rd language and try to pass it as a native :P).

User Info: Cherrypoptart

1 year ago#3
I've always thought it sounded like vivir...
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  3. "Morir es vivir" sounds more like "Morir es vee-bee"

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