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User Info: Durntdude

10 years ago#31
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: yadehtsiyadot

10 years ago#32
Great job, Mookie. Let's hope when this gets stickied, it doesn't kill the board. =)
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User Info: BlankIQ

10 years ago#33
It really is about time we decided to get a sticky, GJ GJ must have been hard work.

User Info: pillerofautumn

10 years ago#34
Great job, Mookie. Let's hope when this gets stickied, it doesn't kill the board. =)

I hadn't thought of that... I was excited we were going to get a sticky, but if it takes as long as Mook said it does, the board would probably be dead by then.

We have to try harder to keep it alive. Or migrate to the Wii boards. I hear those guys love immigrants.
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User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#35
I'm not too worried. Considering RE4 has been out for almost three years now, this board is still very active, even compared to boards for many newer games.
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User Info: weirdnamemike

10 years ago#36
The GC version doesn't have the movie browser....
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User Info: BlankIQ

10 years ago#37

User Info: preppyboy987

10 years ago#38
lol at the Tickle Me Plaga. Anyways, great job on this.
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User Info: BlankIQ

10 years ago#39
Bump again

User Info: RXRatMan

10 years ago#40
You should delve more into the Plagas...

What are the different types of Plagas?

Commonly referred to as Type 1, 2, and 3.

Type 1's are long whipping Plagas that do massive damage and have widespread coverage.

Type 2's are fat caterpillar-like that have an all or nothing attack: Either you're dead or it misses.

Type 3's are spider-like and spit acid or can kill in one hit. 3's can detach from a dead host but only survive for about 30 seconds.

Ganados only sprout Type 1, Zealots Type 2 or 3, and soldiers Type 1 or 3.

When does a Plaga appear?

Plagas are very sensitive to bright light so they only appear at night or under low light.

Other than at certain points, such as the beginning of Chapter 2-1, before the mine cart area, and during the Salazar battle, all other Plagas are completely random or can be avoided completely. Not shooting an enemy in the head DOES NOT avoid Plagas.

What is the best way to avoid Plagas?

Several ways guarantee a Plaga-free battle...

1) Using any explosive/fire-based attack: This includes Rocket Launcher, Mine Thrower, green or red grenades, explosive barrels, dropping an oil lamp, dynamite, hitting a fire breather...

2) Use any stun melee move: Basically any melee move you can do when you stun an enemy with a headshot or leg shot. Kicks, Neckbreaker, Thrust Punch, Chikyo Chagi, Suplex etc. Make sure its a finishing blow or a Plaga can still pop out.

Getting grabbed and struggling to break free DOES NOT prevent Plagas.

3) Knock an enemy off a ladder or ledge. Falling does massive damage and never pops a Plaga.

4) RUN!!! No damage = No Plaga

How To Avoid Damage:

Performing most action prompts render you invincible, temporarily. These include:

-Stun Melee Moves
-Climbing a ladder
-Jumping off or climbing up a ledge/platform
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