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User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#21
Q135: Alright, I'm bored with this game. What kind of "Challenge Runs" are there?
A. That's a loaded question, because there are all kinds of combinations that you can try -- so realize that not all of the options have been posted below. I'll give you some ideas from a buddy's FAQ-in-progress. (He frequents the RE4 PS2 board, and his username is Dante_Meta):

Handicap Gun-Runs: This only means that you can use that particular weapon, hence the "Handicap" title. Ex. In a Riot Gun Run... only use the Riot Gun. Simple enough, eh?

--- Handguns ---

-- Shotguns --
Riot Gun

-- Rifles --
Bolt-Action Rifle
Semi-Automatic Rifle

-- Magnums --
Broken Butterfly

-- Other --
Knife ~ During this run, you'll have to use a firearm during certain points: Salazar boss fight, the crates at the waterfall area in the Village, etc. It's customary to use the unupgraded handgun during these situations to make things a bit more difficult.
Mine Thrower
Infinite Rocket Launcher
Chicago Typewriter
P.R.L. 412

Extra Runs:

No Running ~ Leon cannot run in run. Just walk.
No Merchant ~ The rules are easy to understand. Don't go to the Merchant at all. That means you can't buy weapons, so you'll have to stick with the regular Shotgun, Handgun, Broken Butterfly, and free Rocket Launcher. Combine this run with a "No Attache Case Run" for an added challenge.
No Attache Case ~ For no reason are you to use your Attache Case in this run. Don't open it, don't look at it, don't even think about it. That means you won't know how many shots you have left, and you can only heal yourself on the spot when you find a green herb or first aid spray. This run is usually combined with the "No Merchant Run." The only weapon you can use is the Handgun.
Speed Run ~ Get through the game as fast as you can. You don't have time to MAKE A PROFILE, save, or kill everything you see... I've personally beaten the game in under 2 hours. Try to beat your lowest time and cut some corners along the way.
100% Accuracy ~ There's a cheap way to go around this... Just use the IRL (which doesn't affect the accuracy percentage) and then get a shot on a lonely Ganado for 100%. Or, do it the right way by hitting everything you see and no missing whatsoever. Be sure to knife boxes, etc. and not shoot them.
0% Accuracy ~ This can only be done with the Infinite Rocket Launcher, because it doesn't affect your accuracy percentage at all when used.
Minimum Kills ~ Don't kill anything that does not need to be killed, basically. You'll be doing this run everytime you do a speed run. So learn it well.
No Upgrade ~ This is simple enough. Do not, for any reason, upgrade your guns at the Merchant. That also means do not shoot all 15 blue medallions for the upgraded punisher, either.

Controversial Runs:

No Sound ~ Just as the name implies, turn your sound completely off.
Mercenaries Main-Game Characters ~ To do this one, you'll have to use a cheat device in order to play in the Main Game as the Mercs. characters.
Backwards Run ~ It may appear pointless, but if you want to increase the difficulty level of the game then give this run a try. It is where you only walk backwards with whatever character you are playing as.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#22
NOTE: Idiotic runs such as the "Carrot Run", "Mirror Run", "Heated Political Discussion Run", "Phonebook Run", and other things in line with those aren't added as serious runs because they are mainly used as joke posts anyway. Certainly these kinds of runs can be done, but I wouldn't suggest them... instead I would recommend going outside if you're even considering doing the few I mentioned in this paragraph...

G. Assignment Ada

Q136: How long does Assignment Ada take?
A. About 20-30 minutes the first time, I would say. It's pretty short.

Q137: What do I get for beating AA?
A. The Chicago Typewriter for use in the main game. However, you can only use it on a Round 2 or higher save.

Q138: Can I upgrade my weapons?
A. No, there's no Merchant in AA -- and it's actually a really short mini-game, so there's no need for it.

Q139: Ada doesn’t have a knife in AA?
A. Nope. Sorry folks.

Q140: I'm having trouble with Krauser, is there an easier way to take him out?
A. Alright, there's a semi-glitch that you can exploit to make the fight easier -- especially because Assignment Ada doesn't have the Knife available which is the best way to dispose of Krauser. Here's how to do it:

One thing to keep in mind is that if you exit the area, it won't start the boss fight over. Krauser will still have whatever damage you caused to him, and will wait for you if you exit through the door you came -- only he'll be all the way across the bridge. Use that to your advantage by equipping the semi-automatic rifle and shooting his legs (and then exposed head) as he makes his way toward you. If he starts getting too close for comfort, exit the area and re-enter it to try again.

Kind of cheap, but it works. Anyway, once he's dead collect the final Las Plagas sample and take the elevator up. Use the control panel to call for backup, and Assignment Ada will be over.

Q141: Is Assignment Ada canon to the series?
A. No, it's just a mini-game that Capcom included for fun

H. Mercenaries

Q142: What is Mercenaries?
A. It's an unlockable Mini-Game you get after beating the Main Game once. It is made up of 4 Levels (that are all available from the start) and characters other than Leon are available to be used, each with different weapons, melee attacks, and abilities. The main goal of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible (until reaching a minimum of 60K) and stay alive until the Evac. Chopper comes to pick you up (which just means until the time is up).

Q143: What do I need to do to unlock the Handcannon?
A. First, you'll have to unlock the other Mercenaries characters (Ada, Hunk, Krauser, and Wesker) by getting 4 Stars (30K points) on the 4 separate missions (Village, Military Base, Castle, and Waterworld, respectively). Then, you must get 5 Stars (60K points) on every mission with every character. After that, you'll be able to use the Handcannon on every difficulty mode for the Main Game... as long as it is a second round or higher save.

Q144: Is there a list for the Star Rankings?
A. Yes, there is...

1-Star Rank ~ 9,990 Points or less
2-Star Rank ~ 10,000 - 19,990 Points
3-Star Rank ~ 20,000 - 29,990 Points
4-Star Rank ~ 30,000 - 59,990 Points
5-Star Rank ~ 60,000 Points or more

Q145: Can I use the Handcannon Assignment Ada and/or Mercenaries?
A. No, only the Main Game on a Second Round Save or higher.

Q146: How much does the Handcannon cost, and what does it take to upgrade it?
A. It costs 0 Pesetas to buy from the Merchant (after all, you did all of that hard work to get it right?). However, it does cost you 790,000 ptas to upgrade the gun to its full potential -- which includes Infinite Ammo.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#23
Q147: What are the Mini-Bosses in each stage?
A. I'll go ahead and list which type of enemy you'll be dealing with, and yes... there are more than one per stage:

Village ~ Bella Sister (6)
Castle ~ Garrador (3)
Military Base ~ J.J. (3)
Waterworld ~ Mr. Salvador (2)

Q148: Who is Mr. Salvador/Salvador X/etc.?
A. Alright, let's get this straight... Dr. Salvador is the chainsaw maniac from the main game. The Bella Sisters are the two women with bandages on their faces that can be found in both the main game (the left trail after the cabin-fight in the Village) and Mercenaries (Village stage only). Mr. Salvador is the giant version of Dr. Salvador that carries around two chainsaws strapped together with a chain. He and his brother appear in the Waterworld stage of Mercenaries, exclusively.

Q149: I'm having a hard time with Mercenaries. What can I do?
A. Watch videos of excellent Mercenaries-runners and emulate the paths they use. While they get 200K+ easily, your goal is only 60K+. So with some practice, you'll be getting great scores and well over 60K. Here are links that will certainly help you out if you are having issues:

I. Weapon Descriptions

Q150: What are the real names of the weapons featured in RE4?
A. Alright, this is an often asked question, so I think I'll go ahead and list the guns for you kind people:

--- Handguns ---
Handgun - USP Tactical
Punisher - FN Five seveN
Red9 - Mauser C96
Blacktail - Springfield Armory XD-9
Matilda - HK VP70

-- Shotguns --
Shotgun - Remington M870 Express
Riot Gun - Bennelli M4 Assault Shotgun
Striker - DAO-12

-- Rifles --
Bolt-Action Rifle - Springfield M1903A4
Semi-Automatic Rifle - HK SL-8/G-36

-- Magnums --
Broken Butterfly - S&W Model 3 American/Single Action Army
Killer7 - AMT Hardballer
Handcannon - S&W Model 500

-- Other --
TMP - Steyr TMP
Mine Thrower - Fictional weapon
Infinite Rocket Launcher - RPG-7
Chicago Typewriter - Thompson M1A1
P.R.L. 412 - Fictional weapon.


I may update this section later to include more, but until then:

Check that FAQ (very informative -- written by PenguinCandy) for the weapon stats. It's a worthwhile read if you want to know what the upgrades are, and how much it will cost you in the end.

~~ Fin ~~

This isn't really a section of the FAQ, but I thought I'd include a bit of a bonus to the people who enjoyed RE4 and took the time to read through it.

Here, I'll list some game suggestions if Resident Evil 4 was your thing. It includes games similar to RE4 -- and by no means is it meant to be a complete list of the survival horror/action adventure genres:

NOTE: Some names listed below are just the titles of the series. So you can research them yourself. I highly suggest playing the rest of the Resident Evil series, too.

Alone in the Dark
Clock Tower
Cold Fear
Dino Crisis
Fatal Frame
Haunting Ground
Killer 7
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil
Rule of Rose
Silent Hill

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#24
J. Credits

First, I give thanks to random people and things:

PS2 RE4 Board Veterans & Regulars. Excluding Miyu and her alternate accounts, of course.
BenKS <3 ~ Myth Busting, Weapon name, and being my little buddy. Be prepared for me to own you online with SSBB this December. I take no prisoners!
Dante_Meta ~ For use of the "Run Mini-FAQ" .
Demon_Man ~ Keep taking Lineage II Dark Elf pics. I'm collecting them. :D
Izaack ~ For clarification on some parts of the FAQ and your installation tips on some programs. (Next -> Next -> Next -> Finish) You're a Brazilian book of knowledge!
Hippocheese14 ~ For added questions on some things I missed in Volume 2 of the FAQ.
Lord Faust ~ You're the new [EDITED FOR CONTENT]. Cookie, cookie, cookie!
Mookiethebold ~ Awesome work with suggestions, tips, and most importantly -- proof-reading the FAQ. Thanks for all of the help.
Robottobutoukai ~ Mercenaries links.
atwyatt ~ TMP shortcut vid.

Last but not least, the FAQ Writers for the FAQs I linked/referred to throughout the Guide:

Dante_Meta (FAQ in-progess) ~ Various Runs & Tips
Mookiethebold ~ Treasure Guide
Muchitsujo ~ PS2 Walkthrough, U3 Cage Visuals
PenguinCandy ~ Weapons Stats
PowerMate_V100 ~ Translations
President Evil ~ Plot Analysis
TWilde ~ Plot Analysis
Typhlosion5555 ~ Shooting Range

And finally, a big "thanks!" to those who took the time to actually read my Mini-Guide. It took quite a bit of time to complete -- and is still a work in progress. Hopefully you enjoyed the read. Feel free to add more hints/tips in the topic for the benefit of others!

in the event that everything should go terribly wrong

User Info: Shousoku

10 years ago#25
Very well done. :)
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User Info: a-dawg

10 years ago#26
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User Info: atwyatt

10 years ago#27
Wow, nice topic! :) I'll probably download this myself. :)
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User Info: Zes735

10 years ago#28
Sticky it, sticky it, sticky it...
Good job :D. I say we keep bumping this for all the new people.
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User Info: EchoingTruth

10 years ago#29
this should be stickied :D this board needs a sticky :D
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