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User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#11
Shoot him repeatedly, and the fight will be over shortly. From there, collect the items in the area, the cash Mendez dropped, and most importantly -- the False Eye, because you won't be able to come back once you leave through the hole in the wall.

However, if you don't want to exploit that glitch... keep in mind that Mendez is weak to incendiary grenades. So use them, as well as the explosive barrel to your right when the boss fight begins.

D. Castle

Q51: So those Zealots say "Moldy STDs" a lot don't they?
A. They are actually saying, "Morir es vivir" which translates as "To die is to live"... Check this Translations FAQ (All credit goes to PowerMate_V100) for a full list of what the Ganados are saying:

Q52: Why doesn't Ashley use her ballistics to kill all of the Ganados?
A. *Backs away slowly* O_o

Q53: A... midget? Seriously, a midget?
A. "Little person" is a bit more... proper, but yes. You'll be dealing with a cackling midget throughout your time in the Castle.

Q54: What kind of tips are there for dealing with the first Garrador in the prison?
A. Well, first off leave Ashley outside of the prison door. She'll just get in the way.

Obviously, the Garrador's weak spot is the Plaga on his back, so hit that with your Rifle or whatever you deem fit. Don't run right by him, because as you can see... he's blind. So he relies on his keen sense of hearing to track you down. The solution? Walk. Shoot the two bells in the room to distract the Garrador giving you some free shots on his exposed Plaga. After awhile, he'll fall and die. Take the 15,000 Pesetas and pull the lever in his cell and then exit.

Q55: The water room. 'Nuff said. What do I do?
A. This should go without saying but... protect Ashley at all costs. She's weaker than you, so bring out that shotgun and blast the Zealots when they get too close. Be careful, because Type 2 Plagas will sprout out of the enemy's necks, and if they get too close to you... be prepared for a One Hit Kill attack when they rip your head off with one simple bite.

I would say to stay at the door where you entered and take out the enemies one by one. Then use your rifle to kill the two Zealots with the crossbows once the second wave of enemies are dead. The easiest way to deal with the Shield Zealots is the shotgun or rifle. From there, head downstairs (it's directly across from the door you entered from) and kill the enemies left hanging around. Use the shotgun or throw a grenade into the mix if groups start to overwhelm you.

Enter the only door down there and position Ashley on one of the yellow squares. Tell her to wait, and position yourself on the other one for a lever to come up in the main room. Stay where you are and kill the Zealots that advance to the small room (they come from the door, or drop down from the hole in the ceiling). In order to trigger them coming, though, you may have to open up the door to the room and then walk back. Regardless, once the Zealots stop advancing (or it slows to just one Shield Zealot) you can enter the main hall again and have Ashley turn the crank (or you could do it yourself for faster results) and the staircase will drop... with a surprise.

Five Zealots with scythes. Take them out quickly, but if they throw the scythes, you could always shoot them down so Leon isn't decapitated. Walk up the stairs and Ashley will notice a crank, so piggyback her up to the walkway so she can turn it. Zealots will start attacking both of you again, and Ashley will be completely exposed to being carried off. Make sure you kill any Zealots walking slowly toward her while still taking care of yourself in the process from attacking Zealots. Be careful not to shoot Ashley, as well.

Once she has turned the two cranks, catch her and quickly exit the door across the water.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#12
Q56: What do I get for playing the Target Practice Game?
A. In the Castle out in the Observation Hall (the room directly after the Water Room -- there are two upside down statues in it), there's the first door (It's blue with gold guns engraved into it -- there are more later) to the Target Practice game.

You'll be able to collect Bottle Caps of certain RE4 characters and enemies as you play through the Target Practice game. For each row you complete (of Bottle Caps), you'll be raking in some cash as well:

First Row ~ 15,000 Pesetas
Second Row ~ 25,000 Pesetas
Third Row ~ 35,000 Pesetas
Fourth Row ~ 50,000 Pesetas

I suggest that you play the Target Practice game on your first run so you can use the extra Pesetas (125,000 ptas will certainly help you) to upgrade your weapons. Check out this FAQ (written by typhlosion5555) for a run-down on the Shooting Range - including the full list of Bottle Caps:

Q57: What are these... invisible bugs?
A. They are called Novistadors and if you want to see Leon's coolest death scene in the game, let them grab you and puke on you with their acid when your health is low.

Q58: Are the Novistador "Eyes" important?
A. You'll need one Red, one Green, and one Blue in order to complete the Butterfly Lamp. There are two Butterfly Lamps in the game -- so obviously you'll need two of each Novistador Eye. Lol, math.

Q59: Is there anything I can do to get Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Green Eyes?
A. Some have claimed that if you shoot the Novistadors at certain times they will drop different colored eyes, but to be honest... it's completely random. Although you'll be sure to get a Blue Eye (the most rare of the Eyes) a bit later at their Nest if you shoot it down.

Q60: There are Zealots praying at some weird alter. How do I kill them all quickly so they don't get away?
A. An incendiary grenade or hand grenade should do the trick, but you'll have to throw it just right. Your main target to kill is the one in the red robes, because he'll drop a Los Illuminados Pendant, while the others in black robes drop spinels. You'll get quite a bit of money in this section, so make your shots count and don't alert them to your presence early, otherwise they'll make a run for it. In consecutive runs, the Infinite Rocket Launcher is the best thing to use here. But don't even think about buying a rocket launcher just for this part.

Q61: I don't get the Gallery Room Portrait Puzzle. How do I solve it quickly?
A. Press the numbers in this order: 1, 2, 3, 4. Then press OK. Simple.

Q62: The Hedge Maze is really annoying. Any advice?
A. If you are having trouble here by the attacking Plagas-infected wolves, simply do a quick 180 turn when they are about to lunge forward at you. For whatever reason, Capcom didn't include an animation of them attacking Leon from the back. So use that to your advantage to get a clear shot as the wolves make their way around to Leon's front. Once the Plaga tentacles actually appear, though... you'll have no choice but to take them out. In that case, the best time to shoot them is when they are just jumping into the air. That way, the wolves cannot sidestep your shots like they do when they are on the ground.

Q63: Who was that girl in the red dress?
A. Ada Wong. She first appeared in Resident Evil 2 (and supposedly died in the game --only to be saved by Wesker himself), and is an important factor to the Resident Evil series in general. Don't worry, that won't be the last time you see her...

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#13
Q64: Leon mentioned Ada working with Wesker... what did he mean?
A. Albert Wesker -- former leader of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team from Resident Evil 1. As it turned out, he was actually an Umbrella Operative/Researcher and the events of RE1 were a "test" for the many creatures that the T-Virus created throughout the mansion. However, Wesker had his own plans -- which included double-crossing Umbrella, although his plans were cut short when he was apparently killed by the Tyrant near the end of Resident Evil 1.

It didn't last very long though... in Code: Veronica, Wesker returns -- working for an outfit seeking to steal Umbrella's research. And, as it turns out, he had intentionally injected himself with a virus in the first game and faked his own death so that the Tyrant could kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members and he could revive with a serum only to collect the Tyrant "combat data" to give to Umbrella's rival company, S (one that Ada also worked for). That would be how Ada was saved during Resident Evil 2 before Raccoon City's destruction -- Ada and Wesker were in league with one another.

From what Leon said in Resident Evil 4, it's safe to assume that he had heard about most of these events through another source -- most likely Chris or Claire Redfield. Although Ada has her own plans that even Wesker (who has a fetish for collecting samples of viruses, etc.) doesn't know about... although the entire point of Ada's presence in RE4 is to retrieve a sample of Las Plagas for Wesker -- or so he thinks.

Q65: What weapon should I use to shoot the wine bottle before the Cage fight?
A. Putting that Shooting Gallery practice to good use, I see. Good for you. Just about any weapon works as long as you have good aim, but I'd say to go ahead and use whichever rifle you have to get the job done for a first time runner. It can easily be done with a handgun or whatever you have on you, though. It's timed, so if you take too long you'll have to ring the bell to try again. Be quick about it, and mentally prepare yourself for the cage coming up next...

Q66: The Cage with the Garrador is tough. Tips, please?
A. The easiest way to get some more breathing room is to skip the cutscene as soon as it starts. The use a hand grenade to blow the cage door down. It should also kill any surrounding Zealots in the area. Quickly get out of the cage and take out the Zealots that are left. Some will drop from the hole in the ceiling, landing in the cage so kill them as quickly as possible to clear out the room so you can focus on the Garrador. Anyway, once all of the Zealots are dead, walk around the outside of the cage until you can get a shot at the Las Plagas on the Garrador's back. Shoot it, and then repeat the process until he's down. Just try to keep him inside of the cage to make it easier on yourself.

Q67: I don't have enough room in my case for the free rocket launcher. Should I bother getting it?
A. Make room. This is the free rocket launcher that you'll use to take down Verdugo in 4-1. So do not use it until then or I'll castrate you. Although, on second thought, you can forget about the rocket launcher until you backtrack (to get the Broken Butterfly) with Ashley and get it then.

Q68: What... what was the thing that came out of Saddler's robe? O____o
A. A Las Plagas' tentacle doing the move fondly referred to as the "Wangpale". Saddler is more than meets the eye, apparently.


Q70: How do I get Ashley free from her bonds?
A. Shoot the 3 bonds holding her with a rifle for precision, because you don't want to shoot Ashley. Or do you? Tsk tsk...

Q71: How do I do the 3x3 puzzle with Ashley?
A. Move the left piece into the middle and go counter clockwise from there.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#14
Q72: Can Ashley suplex like Leon? Seriously?
A. Yeah, in the short amount of time you play as Ashley, just hit the zealots with a door (by pushing it open when they are behind it) to stun them. Run up to them and press A to suplex them.

Q73: Is there any easy way to take out the Zealots on the dragon statues that spit fire?
A. You can always shoot the chains coming from the ceilings instead of waiting to get a shot on the Zealot controlling the fire. That's probably the easiest way.

Q74: Why didn't Leon just shoot Salazar in his tiny head when he had the chance?
A. Ah, video games. Don't you love them?

Q75: Ashley keeps dying after I get the King's Grail. What should I do?
A. Protip: Make Ashley wait before entering the room with the King's Grail. It will make your time easier in there when dealing with the Armaduras.

The best way to deal with the two waves is to shoot them in the head to expose their Plagas, then use a flash grenade to immediately kill it. If you don't have any flash grenades, then use a high powered weapon to bring them down. Be careful of the Type 2 Plagas, since they can One Hit Kill you if they get too close.

Q76: After getting the two Grails, I'll enter in through the door across the ha---
A. STOP. DON'T. OPEN. THAT. DOOR!! (For all you Resident Evil 1 fans out there)

Anyway, you'll have a chance of missing the second Butterfly Lamp if you don't get it now. So before you enter the the Novistador Hive ballroom, you should notice all of the broken windows. If you go next to the windows closest to the door on the right. You'll see a ladder on the outside. Face the window and jump over. Then climb the ladder up, and claim the Butterfly Lamp after a bit of a walk. Do not shoot the hive/nest that you see from the balcony. Wait until you enter the room to do that. Believe me, you'll get plenty of eyes from it, including a rare blue eye.

Q77: Can that giant Novistador nest be shot down?
A. Yes, it can. But wait until after you kill all of the Novistadors in the area. Then shoot it and collect all of the eyes it drops. There is one blue eye in there to finish off a Butterfly Lamp too.

Q78: This many Novistadors is a chore. What's the best way to deal with them?
A. Shoot them when they are flying. It only takes one shot to kill them that way. If you can't, be ready to press A to kick them if they get too close.

Q79: How do I get the Clock Tower running again?
A. You'll need to shoot the 3 wooden blocks jamming the gears. They are a light tan color, so they are easy to spot. Once you have shot them, turn the lever on the highest part of the Clock Tower. The Clock should begin running again, unless you missed a wooden block somewhere. Once the Clock begins to work again, you'll have quite a few Zealots to deal with.

Q80: There are TWO Garradors and Zealots in a room, what do I do?
A. Yes, they spice it up this time around, but luckily they also included two bells that you can use to distract the Garradors. First, deal with the two Zealots in front of the Garradors by using your rifle to make it quick. This should cause the Garradors to come after you, so use the same tactic you did in the Prison with the first Garrador. Walk slowly and use the bells to distract the Garradors... Get a good distance from them and snipe the plagas on their backs with the rifle to make the fight easier, as well. After one Garrador is dead, the other should be simple to defeat. Once you get closer to the exit, more Zealots will appear, so kill them and be on your way.

Q81: I found a blooper! Salazar sends his "Right Hand" after you, but he's on his left. LOL!
A. You're wrong. When Salazar mentioned his "Right Hand" he wasn't talking about which side of his body Verdugo was to him... "Right Hand" just means that Salazar trusts Verdugo more to get the job done (in killing Leon). Nothing more.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#15
Q82: I've tried beating Verdugo, but it's impossible. Is there an easier way?
A. Well, technically, you don't even have to kill him. Just wait it out until the elevator comes down and avoid his attacks until then.

Or if you're determined to get the Crown Jewel, then there's an easier way to get it done. If you already used (or didn't pick up) the free rocket launcher in the Castle, go ahead and buy a new one after Salazar has you fall into the abyss with the spikes. There's a Merchant nearby, and then a boss fight with Salazar's "Right Hand" coming up shortly.

Dodge Verdugo's attacks as you make your way to the Control Panel Room at the end of the "hallway". Once there, check the control panel, and the shutters will close -- but more importantly, the elevator will rise. Try to open the door, and Verdugo will appear. Simply run to the nearest Liquid Nitrogen Tank and tip it over when Verdugo is near. It will freeze him. That's your cue to take out your rocket launcher and blow him to pieces. Take your prize and leave now that the shutter is open and head for the elevator. What was a potentially hard boss fight turned out to be cake, huh?

Q83: Can the boulder in the Las Plagas mine area be blown up with a rocket from the RL? I'm working on a speed run and it would help...
A. No, you cannot blow up the boulder with a rocket launcher in the NTSC GameCube version.

Q84: Now I'm fighting two El Gigantes. What's a quick way to kill them?
A. First of all, if you pull the lever when one of the Gigantes are on top of the "opening", he'll fall into the lava and die. But don't get too close, otherwise it will grab you and pull you in with it. After that, the last El Gigante should be treated like all of the others. But if you get into a bind, use the zip line to get some breathing room from him.

Q85: I need the Sacrifice of the Lion, where is it?
A. You've got quite a way to go. Let's say you just killed all of the Ganados standing beside the fire, and went to the door only to find you need a "key". Do a 180 and go left. There's a wooden house there, so go around it and jump through the window. Turn the crank, and climb down the passage that opens.

Read the pillar in the middle of the room and it will say, "Up ahead rests the offering to the lion." So work your way forward, where you'll have to deal with two Dr. Salvadors and a host of Ganados. Be careful of the bear traps in the area, and if you'd like you can just use your rifle to pick off the Ganados standing around and then make your way to the area where Dr. Salvador is. (Don't forget to pick up the velvet blues and Staff of Royalty along the way).

Climb up the ladder and deal with Dr. Salvador if you haven't already done it with the rifle. Some Ganados will then start climbing up the ladder, so knock it down so you won't have a harder time when killing the chainsaw maniac. Once that's done, kill the Ganados that attempt to pick the ladder back up (more will pour in once they've heard the gunshots) and pick up the Key to the Mine on the stand. Then go downstairs and kill the remaining Dr. Salvador for 10,000 Pesetas. Exit through the downstairs door and open the door to your left with the Key to the Mine.

Walk until you come to another "Salazar trap" -- this time a ceiling with spikes slowly dropping (Just like when you went to get the Queen's Grail). However, there's an added bonus to make it "hard." Two Level 3 Plagas are on the loose. Deal with them first, or else they will grab you and eat up what little time you have to take out the 4 red lights in between the spikes on the ceiling. After that's done, you only have one way to go -- so go through the open doorway and then through another door.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#16
You'll come to the Mine Cart. Once inside the middle cart, turn to your left and shoot the lever to get started. I would say to quickly jump to the back cart and pick off as many Ganados as you see. You'll have to deal with two Dr. Salvador’s here, so be on the lookout. Just like with the Gondola Ride in the Village, you'll have to pick off the Ganados waiting to jump to where you are -- in this case, the mine cart. It will take only one bullet to bring down the ones waiting on the ledges, so quickly pick them off. And don't get into a panic if they start to fill up the mine cart. Just worry about keeping Dr. Salvador away from you.

As you go along the ride, shoot the boards blocking your path. Once you come to the area where the Ganados stop the mine cart and start filling it up is your cue to shoot the lever again. The mine cart's speed will then start to pick up after three more areas of Ganados on ledges.

You'll notice that the bridge is out ahead, so use those quick senses of yours and Leon will jump across only to grab the edge. Climb up, and move forward to get the Stone of Sacrifice. That's what you need to get through the door you encountered earlier. Go through the newly opened passage, and climb up the ladder. You'll be back in the ruins area. Go ahead and use the Stone of Sacrifice to open the door, only to find an elevator. Kind of out of place if you ask me... Use it to end Chapter 4-3.

Q86: A giant Salazar statue...? That's what he invests his money in?
A. Apparently. If you'll notice, the statue looks like it moves... a bit odd, isn't it? It's actually part of a large half-assed "puzzle." To trigger the movement, just try to exit away from the statue toward the far away door with a lock on it. By the way, while you are looking at the lock, go ahead and shoot it off the door with your rifle. It's not a must, but it helps later.

Q87: Is this big circular tower the final part of the Castle section of the game?
A. You can't tell by the music? Yes, though... after riding the elevator and dealing with a lot of Zealots, you'll be on your way to the Salazar boss fight -- and then the Island afterwards.

Q88: There's nowhere left to go... I just got to an elevator with two crates on it. What do I do?
A. Push the 2 crates off of the elevator and then operate the lift with the control panel. You'll have to deal with quite a few Zealots after this on the small lift, as well. But keep an eye open for the easter egg "Zombie" Zealot. He appears on the lift at some point...

Here's a video of the infamous "Zombie" in case you missed it:

Q89: Is there anyway to knife Salazar?
A. You can knife the big tentacle arms coming out of the wall, sure... but it won't kill him. So no, you cannot knife Salazar to death. During Knife Runs, most people choose the unupgraded starting Handgun to use against him for an added challenge.

Q90: Do the Las Plagas (Type 3) that appear in the "pit" during Salazar's boss battle ever stop coming?
A. No, this is one of the few places in the game that has "never-ending" enemies. If you have the patience, (for a very high kill-count) you can kill as many as you'd like during the boss fight with Salazar. Just stop whenever you get bored, I guess.

E. Island

Q91: A-Dawg, you're small-time!
A. Whoa, where did that come from? Back off, man! D:<

Q92: What do I do about the machine gun guy?!
A. He's not too bad -- and by the way, his name is J.J... Just use your rifle on him or any other weapon that would stun him. And be sure to hide behind what cover there is when he starts firing, otherwise you're in for some damage.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#17
Q93: Now that I killed everyone, what do I do? There are two weird mirrors here...
A. Approach the door and press A. That will send the red laser out for a simple "puzzle."

First, do a 180 from the door and go to the mirror directly across from you. Climb the ladder and then turn it to where it faces the other mirror (You'll know because the laser will bounce off of it). Once that is done, jump down and climb the ladder up to the second mirror. Rotate it until the laser hits the small orange/red dot to the right of the door. That will trigger the door to open so that you can advance.

Q94: Should I buy the Tactical Vest?
A. Sure, it will help you out. Realize, though, that it won't be available in Professional Mode.

Q95: Let me guess... Oven Man?
A. That's right. He appears in 5-1. You'll know it's him when you see him.

Q96: What the hell were those two Ganados doing to Ashley in her cell?
A. No one really knows. Some say that it implies rape, but the game never comes out and says it. So wonder all you want, kiddies, but only the folks at Capcom know for sure.

Q97: I just met my first Regenerator... what do I do?
A. You could kill it now after getting the Freezer Card Key, but that would take quite a bit of ammo (although the first Regenerator can easily be knifed). But for a first time run, just get away from it. You'll need the thermal scope (found in the freezer) to attach to your rifle... that way you can shoot the Plagas inside of the creature to kill it for good. If you shoot them enough (using the TMP, etc.) they will explode. The easiest way to do this is with the Chicago Typewriter, but obviously that can only be done on consecutive runs...

Q98: Where do I find the thermal scope?
A. When you first enter the freezer re-write the Freezer Card Key in the first room to the right, and then use the control panel to the right while still inside of the small room. From there, enter the other room (still in the Freezer) and get the thermal scope. Once you get it, you'll be trapped inside of the freezer with a thawed out Regenerator. Attach the thermal scope to your rifle and aim. See the Plagas inside? Shoot them to kill the Regenerator... Some of them have Plagas on their backs, so shoot their legs to knock them down and quickly fire a shot if that's the case.

Q99: I'm at the Iron Maiden. What do I do?
A. Be a bit more cautious with getting close to the Iron Maiden, because he'll grab you and "hug" you with his spikes. But the tactic is still the same, shoot the Plagas inside of the Regenerator's body -- you can only see them when using the thermal scope, so don't go trying to shoot the Plagas with a regular handgun. To get the Plaga on its back simply blow off its leg and quickly use your rifle + thermal scope. And yes, you'll have more Iron Maidens to deal with later... so at least you have something to look forward to, eh?

Q100: There are two levers here... what do I need to do to open the door?
A. Examine one of the levers and then get Ashley to wait beside one. You have to just time it right when the middle circle lights up red.

Q101: Wait.. what the hell? Ashley can drive a bulldozer now?
A. I won't even try to argue... I laughed when I saw it for the first time. Maybe the President's daughter knows more than we thought she did. For starters... she doesn't know how to use a gun. How about she learn that before worrying about driving bulldozers? <_<

Q102: I can't do the Krauser knife fight fast enough, and I keep dying. Help?
A. This part usually gets to a lot of people, but if you just follow the on-screen prompts, you'll be fine. It may be frustrating at first, but keep trying. You'll get it soon enough.

Q103: How does Leon know Krauser?
A. Supposedly they trained together and Leon thought he had died in a helicopter crash two years prior to RE4's events. There are a lot of unknowns with Krauser...

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#18
Q104: Why is Krauser working for Wesker, and how does he know Ada?
A. That's still unknown at this point... but it's interesting to think about. Little did Wesker know that both Ada and Krauser had their own plans in mind regarding the Plagas Sample.

Q105: What is "IT"...?
A. The official name of "IT" is U3. It's the beast that you must fight before Krauser and Saddler. Not very much is known about it but it is rumored that Bono and the rest of U2 were injected with Las Plagas and then "molded" together into the new U3 form...

Q106: Did they get this lame laser hallway idea from the Resident Evil movie?
A. Obviously. And I don't like the addition of it one bit because the RE movies were terrible. >_<

Q107: I'm in the cages with U3... what do I do?
A. Shoot it to make U3 get away from you, and be careful not to get dragged up with his tentacle or else you're dead. What you need to do is shoot the green glass buttons in each cage to access the red switches in order to open the shutters to move get through the cages. Realize, though that you can't kill U3 in the cage, so don't even try. It would be best to save your ammo as well, so if you can slip by him without firing a shot... do so.

Each cage's layout is rather simple, but if you want a visual of each cage then check out this FAQ written by Muchitsujo:

Q108: Boss Battle with U3. Now what?
A. Use your magnum, explosive red barrels, as well as Incendiary Grenades to make this fight easier.

Once the actual battle begins, open the gate nearby and close it again once inside. When U3 tries to come inside, shoot him repeatedly with your magnum. He'll break the gate down and begin a chase, so shoot the red barrel nearby to inflict some good damage on "IT". Trap U3 behind the other gate and fire some more shots with your magnum. Once it’s back outside, use the remaining red barrel to your advantage.

U3 will also dig into the ground after a certain point, so be careful when he comes up and be sure dodge when told to. Eventually, U3 will come back up for some more punishment so rinse and repeat your earlier attacks. Soon enough, Saddler's "IT" will die and you'll get 50,000 Pesetas for it. Not bad.

Q109: Krauser isn't dying in this ruins part. What am I doing wrong?
A. Much like U3 before him, Krauser cannot die during this part prior to the "real" boss fight with him coming up shortly.

Just keep him off of you and stay alive until you get the "Piece of the Holy Beast, Panther" and "Piece of the Holy Beast, Eagle". Krauser will drop the third insignia you'll need, "Piece of the Holy Beast, Serpent". Just make your way to the North and the East. In each part, you'll have a short fight with Krauser before he throws a flash grenade and flees. To get the second insignia, come to the locked gate and pull the lever. Drop down the ladder and take care of Krauser's robots -- but be careful because they explode. Follow the path, and you'll come to the next tower for a final showdown... take the Eagle insignia to trigger the boss fight.

Q110: The rocket launcher didn't work on Krauser! What now?
A. Yeah, he tends to block the oncoming rocket with his crazy Plagas-arm. Besides... there's no reason at all to waste 30K Pesetas for Krauser's boss fight. Just use the knife. Check the next question for tips...

Q111: Krauser cannot be beaten. I've tried everything...
A. Not exactly a question, but alright. Keep in mind that it's timed, so try to beat Krauser as quick as possible.

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#19
The best way to take Krauser out is to use the knife. You could just shoot his exposed legs with a TMP, etc. and once he becomes stunned, take advantage of it and knife him. Or, right after the cutscene and you dodge his attack, run past him to where the Holy Beast item is, quickly do a 180, and dodge his attack. He will flip backwards. Continue doing this until he becomes stuck in the corner... and slash him with the knife every few seconds. Don't just swipe continuously, because he may get out of it that way. Just swipe in a rhythm and he'll go down in less than a minute.

Take the final insignia Krauser drops and quickly get to the door and insert them to exit the area (and end Chapter 5-3).

Q112: Who is the guy in the helicopter?
A. Mike. It's another character introduced in RE4, but he is only necessary for one of the final bits leading up to Saddler. Apparently, Leon knows the guy.

Q113: Why doesn't Mike help me on Professional Mode?!
A. Yeah, in order to make Professional harder... Mike doesn't do much on Pro.

Q114: What the heck is in that bag in the prison? It moved!
A. Use your imagination, because no one actually knows -- although many troll topics have been made about its contents in the past. If you use the thermal scope on the thing, it actually turns completely red. Just realize it was put in for fun and there is no back story to it... And for the love of God, DO NOT MAKE A TOPIC ABOUT THE SACK/BAG!

Q115: Another Regenerator? I sold my thermal scope already!
A. Yeah, it seems like Capcom threw in that final Regenerator just to mess with people. Now you know not to sell the thermal scope. :D

Q116: More action packed non-stop killing?
A. That's the final one before Saddler. About time, right? Now all you need to worry about is getting the Plagas out of you and Ashley!

Q117: I'm at the final Merchant... what should I buy?
A. Well, if you've made it this far into the game your equipment must be pretty good so just upgrade whatever you have. Although the Mine Thrower works wonders against Saddler, so try that out if you'd like. If anything, Saddler is an easy last boss -- so you shouldn't have a whole lot of trouble.

Q118: How can Leon use his knife in the Saddler boss fight? He threw it to free Ada!
A. That wasn't Leon's Knife. It was Krauser's... Leon still has his Knife to use.

Q119: Can Saddler be knifed to death?
A. Yes, he can.

Q120: Can I beat Saddler without using the Special Rocket Launcher Ada drops?
A. Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, most speed-runners (myself included) intentionally choose not to use it and then carry it over into a cleared save to use it for a one hit kill on Saddler in order to cut the time.

Q121: How do I deal the final blow to Saddler?
A. When using the Special Rocket Launcher, put it into your case... equip it and then fire at Saddler. It will then cause a scene to commence between Leon and Ada -- who finally gets her greedy little hands on the Sample.

Q122: How did Ada jump into that helicopter...wouldn't she have been chopped to pieces?
A. Well yeah. But it's a video game. So whatever looks cool, I guess. And why are you wondering about that, you should be on your way with Ashley to the Jet-Ski Ada left you! You do realize it's timed, right? GoGoGo!

Q123: Why didn't Leon accept Ashley's offer...? I would have been all over that!
A. Er, keep it to yourself, please. Leon has always been infatuated with Ada Wong ever since Resident Evil 2 and it's obvious that he's not over her even 6 years after Raccoon City. For further information check a Plot Analysis FAQ for the RE series (Which I'll link to again -- written by TWilde/President Evil):

User Info: Mookiethebold

10 years ago#20
Q124: How does Leon expect to go from Spain to the United States on a jet-ski?
A. Well obviously he would go somewhere nearby and then relay with his commanding officer to get a ride back to the States.

Q125: Does it really show what happened to the Ganado children in the credits?
A. I guess it hints at it, but it certainly doesn't give much information. Cool credits, though. Congrats on beating the game, by the way. :D

F. Post-game

Q126: I think I found something out! Krauser has both Las Plagas and the T-Virus. What do you think?
A. I've heard this theory countless times, and I still don't buy it. I'm not going to get into RE-history to explain why it isn't possible... but I will say this: It's not confirmed either way, so it's all just speculation at this point. Separate Ways only confirms that Jack Krauser had Las Plagas and nothing else. Until RE5, RE6, or RE7 says otherwise, we won't know for sure. But the game text is good enough for me...and it should be enough for you as well.

Q127: Do all of my weapons and items carry over to a Round 2 game?
A. Yes, they do. Just make sure to load a Cleared Save. When you start a New Game though (or change difficulties)... it does not.

Q128: Which Mini-Game should I play first after the Main Game?
A. If you’d like the Chicago Typewriter for use in the main game, play Assignment Ada first. If you want to go on a mad killing spree, Mercenaries is the way to go!

Q129: How do I unlock the missing movies in the Movie Browser?
A. There are no extra movies to unlock, the empty spaces are just filler.

Q130: I beat the game but ________ wasn't available at the Merchant's! What do I do?
A. You've got to keep in mind - because this may be the most asked question on any RE4 board - that you cannot buy the new weapons on anything but a Cleared Save (Round 2) File. A New Game will not cut it. Now, I'm going to say it one more time just to make sure it gets through:


Q131: How do I make enough money for the special weapons?
A. Just play through the game normally for some time. With your upgraded weapons that carried over from the last save, the Village area should be pretty easy. Make sure to collect all of the treasures, and combine them to sell for the maximum amount. Continue selling spinels like normal, as well. After that, sell your upgraded weapons (yes, all of them) which should get you very close to (more than likely over) 1 million pesetas. I would suggest buying the Chicago Typewriter first to play around with.

Anyway, for an awesome Treasure Guide that lists every treasure found in the game, look no further than Mookiethebold's FAQ:

Very nice work, Mookie! (edit - Thanks a-dawg! ^_^)

Q132: What are the differences between Normal and Professional Mode?
A. They are largely the same for the most part, but there are a few obvious differences:

1) Damage done by enemies is higher.
2) Aggressive Enemy AI. Enemies actually attempt to flank you providing more of a challenge.
3) Rate of Plaga appearances is higher than on Normal.

Q133: What's the fastest speed run for the game?
A. Under 2 hours. And that wasn't done on Easy, either. Check out this site to see the World Records for RE4:

Q134: What if Ashley, a Regenerator, Saddler, Leon, Ada, "That Dog", Krauser, Verdugo, etc. showed up at your house?
A. I absolutely can't stand idiotic questions like these. So, if you are reading this... don't post crap like this on the board. Please? Thank you!
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