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Larollexie 2 months ago#1
With Christmas coming soon I am thinking about getting thus game for my nephew. I use to play along time ago. I know my nephew will want me to play the game with him. Leveling and questing together. Us it worth me coming back. Last time I played was they just did the pandas. How many expansion have come out since then?
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Unless you just want to experience the content you missed, no. The previous and current expansions were/are pretty bad.
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vampirehunterx 2 months ago#3
I don't condone it but a private server may be better.
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TheChronologist 2 months ago#5
Given the overall state of the game, let alone the company behind it, you're probably better off not coming back to WoW until the game has proven it has actually turned itself around. If you and your nephew are looking for an MMO to try out, you could both try the free trial to FFXIV. No cap on play time and it goes up through the entirety of the Heavensward expansion.

Either way hope you have a good time gaming with your nephew.
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Larollexie 2 months ago#6
We played ff14 on Ps4. He has about had his fill with it.
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Larollexie 2 months ago#7
Just reinstalled it and my lvl 80 is now a lvl 41. Can anyone tell me why?
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UnrivaledKoopa 2 months ago#8
They did a level squish for Shadowlands, because bringing the level cap to 130 seemed stupid when you'd have all your new abilities by level 60. It was an effort to make leveling less tedious.
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Larollexie 2 months ago#9
So whats the max lvl now? Also I thought my account got hacked because I could not find my paladin.
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Tucker_BA 2 months ago#10
Max level is now 60.
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