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  3. we are 13 months into SL and only 2 raids
ryudo500 2 months ago#1
that is INSANE, WoD like. so that mans 16 months 2 raids. thats insanely terrible imo
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Amakusa 2 months ago#2
What's this 'we' stuff when you're not playing?
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MajinUltima 2 months ago#3
Amakusa posted...
What's this 'we' stuff when you're not playing?
If he resubscribed, would it open another raid?

ryudo500 posted...
so that mans 16 months 2 raids
Quality and size do count. But with WoW's schedule and number of pathetic bare bones filler bosses, the mounting delays really make that a poor showing.
That is a problem with putting all your eggs in a few giant baskets and not pacing your content out well.
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nominturddaddy 2 months ago#4
I'm over raiding. It's why I probably won't be back to WoW for a long while. I want gear but I don't like M+ either.
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WynnSilvergaze 2 months ago#5
Came back, did 10 M+ runs. got 2 pieces of gear, one of which was a downgrade. Couldn't use anything from the vault either. Uninstalled again.

Liked it when you could do M+ for your gear if you didn't want to do raids or pvp. Now it's do raids for less gear or M+ for even less frequent gear. And wasn't pvp the best way to get gear at the start of SL or something like that? lol. What a mess of an expansion.
redundancies 2 months ago#6
We haven't even hit the 12 month mark as SL came out just before American Thanksgiving last year. Why do people have to exaggerate?
UnrivaledKoopa 2 months ago#7
ryudo500 posted...
that is INSANE, WoD like. so that mans 16 months 2 raids. thats insanely terrible imo

Which WoD raid are you not counting? Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, or Hellfire Citadel?
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Acidflames 2 months ago#8
Hopefully, this changes and a burst of new raids/instances will come out :)?
TheChronologist 2 months ago#9
Unlikely, Acidflames. Given everything that's gone down (and continues to go down) with Shadowlands and its lackluster content, we're more than likely going to see them pull another Warlords of Draenor here. By that, I mean they will pull the plug on the expansion and end it early in order to get the next expansion out quicker and, hopefully, draw back a lot of the playerbase that had left. This tactic worked for them in the past with Legion, but I am not so sure it'll work for them again this time. They've burned a LOT more bridges since the epic failure of Warlords of Draenor and with FFXIV having more or less eclipsed them, they'd need to have one serious ace in the hole to clamber back up and onto their feet, let alone reclaim the top spot again.

And this isn't even going into what sort of narrative disaster the playerbase will have to further endure thanks to hurriedly finishing another expansion. Granted, the story to WoW is already a disaster thanks to years of mismanagement and spreading around vital in-game tidbits across out-of-game paid media but having ANOTHER "DRAENOR IS FREE!" scenario go down is just flatout pathetic.
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Deuceswild 1 month ago#10
Nothing is fun in the game anymore since they killed socialization.
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