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  3. I wish you could do a betray your faction quest in WoW

User Info: Zikten

3 months ago#1
Everquest 2 tried to be set up kinda like WoW. It had 2 major player factions based on which of 2 cities you begin your character allied to. One was evil the other was good. There was a really long and difficult quest line you could do though where you betray your original city and switch to the other. I did the quest line once with some help from friends so I could have a good ogre. I think he became an ogre Paladin or something

But anyway, I always wished there was something like that in this game. That way for the dedicated, you could have any race on either side. Like if you REALLY wanted an Alliance Orc, or a Horde Human
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User Info: Wyldefyr

3 months ago#3
I agree. I had an Iksar Shaman turn good, but I did it solo. A fun quest chain also.
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User Info: Lsnake

3 months ago#4
Yeah, I agree. It would make sense, like defection. Every war has defectors. People on the wrong side. I'd totally make a Blood Elf and defect to the Alliance. They still have better colors than the Void Elves.
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User Info: Interfusor

3 months ago#5
I want the Forsaken to secede and I want Putress to return and lead us all to toxic glory!
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  3. I wish you could do a betray your faction quest in WoW
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