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  3. how do you feel about Heirlooms after the level Squish and fast leveling?

User Info: kasplat360

2 months ago#1

User Info: LightHawKnight

2 months ago#2
Feels mostly useless other than for transmog and even then with how short the leveling process can be doesnt matter much.
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User Info: kasplat360

2 months ago#3
The only thing I can think of is giving you a set of gear that matches a different Specialization for Hybrid classes that might have wildly different gear for different Specializations like the Paladin, Druid, Monk, and Shaman.

User Info: KTG2

2 months ago#4
Wish I hadn't spent my money on them now :/
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User Info: DigitalDice

2 months ago#5
I got my money's worth back when they gave the proper XP boost.

Nowadays they're mostly handy so I don't have to pay attention to a slot while leveling. Although it's occasionally handy to pop out a shield when I'm playing a paladin or warrior and want to use the tank queue.

User Info: WoodenRook

2 months ago#6
Heirlooms felt bad. I didn't like having spent that much gold on them to have them pretty much useless for my needs now.

Not "i'm gonna quit WoW is the worst thing ever" bad, but bad.
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User Info: Azardea

2 months ago#7
Not happy with how bad they are now.

User Info: Delirious_Beard

2 months ago#8
having a stable weapon you don't need to replace and re-enchant is still nice, especially with how powerful enchants like Crusader and Ele Force are at low level, and neck enchants like hidden satyr are strong
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User Info: King_Gheedorah

2 months ago#9
I had a really kick ass Transmog for my new Shadow Priest. and about 2 days later, my heirlooms were useless... and back to random ugly gear.

I will say though I am really glad they removed level requirements for transmogs :)

User Info: LinkHeroOfTime3

2 months ago#10
It's cheap transmog so I don't look hideous while leveling and I don't have to care about my gear and just insta-sell it. It's stronger than what I'd get normally and helps my rest exp. last longer. What else is needed?

I believe it being "worse" is a combination of threads of fate making things easier (thus heirlooms' power seems diminished) and not seeing a huge jump in the exp bar like we used to making the difference look smaller as well.
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  3. how do you feel about Heirlooms after the level Squish and fast leveling?
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