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  3. Do i have to remember the names of the NPCs in this game?

User Info: 21WIVES_CHILL

1 month ago#1
I dont know why some MMOs do this, but the names they give for their games are difficult to remember because they're not common names. Heck, I already forgot the names of the quest givers but I understand the story.

User Info: TommySnipeZ_182

1 month ago#2
Not really. Perhaps only the names of the important characters in the lore if you're into that.
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User Info: Heero_Effect

1 month ago#3
Eh Not really. Only ones I ever remember are the main characters who often have a recurring role in the story.

User Info: Wiaru

1 month ago#4
I vote a big no. I say this as someone who played on and off since 2004. I get the lore generally speaking but I have no idea who most the people are. Even the recurring characters (especially on the opposing faction). I find the occasional cinematics kinda funny because I find myself thinking these people seem important... and honestly I have no idea who they are.


User Info: GIT-GUD

1 month ago#5
Hearthstone is a good way of remembering the main characters such as Sylvania, Jane, Etc

User Info: Megeas

1 month ago#6
Mankrik is the only important person...

Blizzard makes it so you don't NEED to know everything about someone to know the story. That said it can give texture to the events and motivations. In general learning about the main character of the story arc your going through is prolly the best.
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User Info: HajimeNoIppo

1 month ago#8
Nope, nor do you need to read the quest text if you dont want too.
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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

1 month ago#9
Get into the stories and quests enough, and you wont have to try and remember them.. you just do.

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  3. Do i have to remember the names of the NPCs in this game?
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