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User Info: n0matter

1 week ago#21
I still play WoW with a mouse and kb.

Anyone else?
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Anacrusys posted...
The best thing you can do to make it easier is pick up a 12 button mouse. I’ve been using this logitech g600 for 5 years. Assign instant skills to mouse buttons so you can use the skills while moving. You can also assign skills to shift + mouse buttons, giving you 12 more hit keys.

For the keyboard, assign the skills you use the most to Keys close to the movement keys. The best ones are q,e,r,f,c,x,z. Then 1,2,3,4

hold the right mouse button to turn your character.

my link is too long just type this search in amazon “g600”. It’s the Logitech g600 only $34.

To add to this, make "A" and "D" left and right straffing. That's what "Q" and "E" do on default.

I also hot key whatever ability I use the most to the spacebar and map my middle mouse button to jump.

User Info: Anacrusys

1 week ago#23
I agree to change A and D to strafing for dps and tank specs. However, I switch them back to turning for healing specs. I’m using mouseover healing so I can’t hold the right mouse button to turn all the time. Need turn keys.
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User Info: snoognz123

1 week ago#24
I use a raza naga, it has 12 or so buttons on the side, I basically play one handed, I’m with the others, id go with mouse like that, it’s pretty easy to use.
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User Info: Anacrusys

1 week ago#25
I tried a razor naga several years ago and it was too small. I read others who had the same issue. If you have above average size hands I would avoid the old version naga. It looks like amazon has newer naga versions with more buttons but expensive.
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User Info: Amalaric

1 week ago#26
I don't see anything "dumpster fire" bad about clicking long ass buffs, odd utility spells and professions. Stuff you would never use during combat. Like I've never really played a mage but I can't imagine wanting to keybind portals for example.

Anyway TC if you are adamant about using a controller you can try AntiMicro. It just remaps keyboard/mouse input to a controller. I used it to play the pc version of San Andreas on a ps4 controller(which I could never get to work with the game normally). I can't stand driving games of any kind with a mouse and keyboard :P
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User Info: Anacrusys

1 week ago#27
I was referring to mouse clicking skills as bad dumpster fire only for combat skills, but I failed to mention that. For other types of skills it slows you down but there are no consequences so purely preference.

The problem with mouse clicking skills in combat and why you should never do it.

1. It takes a lot longer moving the mouse and clicking compared to hitting one key, you might occasionally over or under shoot the mouse pointer too.

2. It puts your eyes on the hot bar for more than a glance and takes them away from the mechanics/enemies/terrain, other important areas of the UI, etc

3. If you’re using straffing keys instead of turn keys, which we previously agreed was the best way for dps and tank classes, then you can’t turn your character while moving the mouse to click skills
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Tc wants to play with a controller. I say let him. Past 20 if he starts to suffer and have to switch to keyboard. Even if its inefficient, who are we to tell him how to play. Classic was always about playing your way.

That being said im not even sure its possible on classic. You should probably ask around on reddit or more specialized forums for modding instead of general gaming forums
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User Info: Krazy_Kirby

1 week ago#29
n0matter posted...

Also, don't click your abilities. Hotkey everything.

much better to use both m+k
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User Info: piplupzero

1 week ago#30
n0matter posted...
DamonD666 posted...
I appreciate the input, but I'd like to try to get this controller addon working. If I don't like it, then I can try other ways. So if anyone can help with getting this working, I'd appreciate it.

I'm just saying, man, even if you "perfect" playing the game by controller standards, you will still be awful. It's just not a controller-friendly game. You need to buckle down and just get used to the game with kb/mouse. You should be fine by the time you get to 60 and you'll wonder why you ever didn't like using a keyboard in the first place.

There are mythic raiders who use controllers. Can we stop with the eliteism. jfc
That said the addon doesnt work with classic. Its either retail or keyboard and mouse.
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