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  3. Do I dare ask how 8.1 is?

User Info: Ness0123456789

1 month ago#21
Blackstar110 posted...
thronedfire2 posted...
I think he's saying it never even would have went live

possible, they could have saved it and made it better and then released it later

That’s exactly what I’m saying and there are a million examples of things that never went live because it didn’t meet standard

..and they still do that? They've just learned over the years to stop telling people what they're cutting from an expansion because it's constantly been met with "Blizzards cutting content from the expansion! It's a sign of Activision's infleunce", and instead only show off content thats ready to be beta tested and doesn't run the risk of being cut if it's not well received.

Blizzard is literally damned if they do, damned if they don't in the eyes of some of you. They release content like Expeditions and you claim it's garbage content that should have been cut. But had they decided to drop it as an expansion feature, you would be pissing and moaning that they're cutting content instead.

I mean Christ, people were ready to blow Blizzard off when they cut the Island of Thal'Dranath, only to give us Argus instead in Legion.
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User Info: WoodenRook

1 month ago#22
I logged in, but it didn't grab me. I didn't even bother with Darkshore. Was nice seeing the new orc run animation though.
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