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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 months ago#1
I am in this weird gap between normal and heroic dungeons where I am higher iLVL than the world quests and normal dungeons, but lower than heroic dungeon iLVL requirements.

I know there is the war mode, but I'm honestly unsure of how or what to do in it. I did some starter quest when it first came out, but all the quests were done in an hour. (if I can get some help on this too, that'd be great)

I'm a blood DK tank

After heroic dungeons, I should be able to do mythic and then raids which is fine. I can make it from there.
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User Info: pegusus123456

3 months ago#2
AFAIK, there shouldn't be a gap between those two. WQs should allow you to get enough gear to do heroic dungeons.
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User Info: toolittletime

3 months ago#3
Dinged 120 on a frost DK 3 days ago, item level 335 now just from world quest, no dungeons.
Did spend 30k on 2 325 level one handers though from the AH.
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User Info: i110188

3 months ago#4
do timewalking and buy gear from vendor its 320ilvl gear then do warfront if your alliance if not do quests in arathi and world boss and use bonus rolls on them

User Info: Aceron

3 months ago#5
At 120, normals should be dropping enough to get you into heroics.
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User Info: WoodenRook

3 months ago#6
Aceron posted...
At 120, normals should be dropping enough to get you into heroics.

Should and do are two different things, but that whole step is unnecessary.

When you ding 120 the first thing you should do is open up world quests by finishing all the legendary quests you get. For Horde, they are given out by Nathanos... If you've already done it on one character he will just open up the world quests on alts by talking to him.

Buy a reputation scroll off AH or get a guildie to make you one. I recommend Champions of Azeroth or Tortolians.

Every week on Tuesday or after, check your adventurer's guide for the quest of the week. These give out great rewards and most of them scale so iLevel doesn't matter.

The warfront is on a cycle and there are multiple things you can do here. The current cycle is that Alliance are contributing to a fund to unlock their scenario. During this the Horde can kill rares and kill the Lion's Roar. Use the LFG tool for both and you really want to do all the rares. I recommend getting Handy Notes and Handy Notes Arathi. Just find groups or start your own group. Rares and the Lions Roar only reset with the cycle. They do not reset on Tuesday.

After that cycle is done, Alliance will assault Arathi and there is a scenario for them that requires iLevel 320. This scenario rewards good iLevel gear. There isn't anything for the Horde to do during this phase.

The next phase is the Horde turn to go back through it. Run the scenario as many times as you can until iLevel 340+. There's no reason not to get 340+ during this phase.

As your iLevel increases, the world quest gear iLevel will increase. This caps at 330 I think, but there's the daily component that goes even higher. 360 I think. You get a new daily every day to complete 4 world quests for a given faction or 3 for torollan. I try to save three dailies at a time and then do them so I can try to knock two out at a time. Like Champions of Azeroth will give credit toward whatever zone they are in as well.

The first two weeks or so, I'd recommend doing as many WQs as you can for the War Resources. Even if the gear doesn't look good. And I recommend always doing the dailies even when you outgear them because they will reforge.

Also, when you unlock world quests, you can kill the world raid boss. The boss itself doesn't drop gear unless you've unlocked the world quest. Completing the quest is what gets you the gear. You can buy a reroll token before going as well.

If at any point you get bored with this stuff, you can go into LFR. May as well run LFR every week just for the crafting mats.

At this point your ready for normal at least. You don't even have to step into a normal, heroic, or mythic 5 man. Just shoot straight to Uldir or Mythic+.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 months ago#7
I found out that the 120 dungeons drop different gear. I'm getting higher iLVL stuff now. Also grabbed a few rep gear items.

Thanks everyone!
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