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User Info: Genocet_10-325

3 months ago#31
Ogurisama posted...
Whos the tank?

I am the tank.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 months ago#32
I was playing on my healer last night and 2 tanks in a row acted like this.

If you're wrong, your wrong, and I will kick you from group
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 months ago#33
thronedfire2 posted...
I was in a motherlode mythic a couple weeks ago and the tank stopped and refused to pull because someone pulled the second boss by accident

I tanked the rest of it as havoc with the warrior afk.

You can solo motherlode pretty easily. I've had to do it a few times
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User Info: QwelzaarKane

3 months ago#34
Genocet_10-325 posted...
That means I am the boss. Your wants and your needs mean nothing to me, and if you have a problem with that you can get the f*** out of my group. You will listen to me or you will be removed.

That is all.

*stops healing you*
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User Info: ImBadAtGames

3 months ago#35
Myself and three guildies used to run as a group of 3 Hunters and heals. If the tank got uppity we would just stop Heals and DPS and let him die.

Our Healer friend had to stop playing for real life reasons and it was surprising how many tanks would die when it was only them and the healer running up against an enrage timer or whatever. Also fun to keep pulling everything while constantly misdirecting onto the tank, never stopping until the end of the instance or getting the tank to leave and using fd when needed.

And 3/5 means no successful vote-kick against us.

Good times.
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