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  3. Most fun Death Knight DPS?

User Info: defconn77

5 months ago#1
I am just curious what the consensus is, unholy or is frost more fun. Is it also the better as well? Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated

User Info: Anacrusys

5 months ago#2
Frost is simple. Unholy is more involved. Only you can decide which is more fun. Read the icy veins dk class guide , make a 100 trial character, and test them on the dummies.
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User Info: Darksteel

5 months ago#3
I dig unholy. Frost is hitting buttons as they light up. Unholy just feels more Death Knightish to me with the pet.
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User Info: XIFLO13IX

5 months ago#4
Frost is fun yet simple. Gets my vote.
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User Info: Xenobladevore08

5 months ago#5
In my opinion, unholy is much better than frost. You get cool spells like death and decay and Army of the dead
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User Info: Nibsn

5 months ago#6
Play Blood and pull the whole map, that'll get you some good dps.

User Info: Richardthe3rd

5 months ago#7
They're both pretty fun. I like the AoE and dots on unholy.

Play frost until it bores you then switch to unholy, which won't.
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User Info: EDarien

5 months ago#8
They're both okay. Frost is WAY more fun for open world since things actually die at a decent pace. Unholy takes time to get going and, while it is fun, it just feels slower while you're doing things. I haven't played both in dungeons pre-patch, yet. But for open world I definitely prefer Frost. That said, I ended up preferring Ret Paladin over both of them after playing around with it last week.

So take that for what it is.
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User Info: Kompis_Kanin

5 months ago#9
Unholy is great, things die before I'm even done with my opener. Makes my dps look awful.
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User Info: Mr_Biscuit

5 months ago#10
I want to love unholy, but something about it (audiovisually) just doesn’t give me the feeling that I’m hitting anything very hard. There’s no tangible “thwack” for me, I wanna feel titanic.

Couldn’t totally get into frost either, though, so Blood has been homebase.
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