Question About New Races

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User Info: Heineken14

5 months ago#11
NuramaTheBD posted...
Al-Uzza posted...
It really doesn't take long to do.

Two weeks minimum, not that long.. Lol... I did it but hated myself every second of it.

For a game whose sole purpose is to get you to continually play... yeah, 2 weeks isn't a big deal.
Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.

User Info: knightblazer85

5 months ago#12
is there any info on unlocking the maghar orcs and the other 3 extra races we've been getting info on? and more importantly. whether or not the new races will have a starting zone (or is it going to be like with the other 4 legion locked allied races. being dropped straight into the action with the level 20 zones from the command board)

i'm thinking of a race change for my pandaren hunter to a maghar orc (it's either going to me a maghar or regular orc. still to be decided after the expansion opens up in august)
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